Wales Odds to Win the FIFA World Cup and Will They Move to Round of 16

Wales Odds to Win the FIFA World Cup and Will They Move to Round of 16

Written by on July 26, 2022

For the first time since 1958, Wales has qualified for the FIFA World Cup. In 1958, the Welsh made it to the quarterfinals. This season, Wales lands in a workable group where the best team they must face after top team England is the United States. Does that mean Wales has a chance to make it to the quarterfinals in just their second World Cup appearance since the 58 World Cup? Check out Wales’ Odds to Win the FIFA World Cup and a Round of 16 prediction. 

Wales Soccer Betting Analysis and their 2022 FIFA Qatar World Cup Odds

2022 Qatar World Cup

  • When: Nov. 21 – Dec. 18

Wales Odds to Win the FIFA Qatar World Cup

  • Wales +15000

Wales winning the World Cup would be a massive upset. So before deciding whether the odds are fair, understand that Wales’ has a small shot of winning the WC.

The Welsh aren’t deep enough to get out of their group and then win out. With that being written, any soccer team at odds of +10000 or higher shouldn’t win the World Cup. 

So if you believe lightning strikes the same place a couple of times, then Wales is a decent play. The Welsh boast enough talent to challenge for a Round of 16 berth. 

If Wales does make the knockout stage, they will have as much of a shot of winning the World Cup as any underdog left playing. So if you want to back a dog and don’t know which one to go with, Wales might be the team to back.

Why Wales will move to the next round

Wales lands in a weak group. England should roll away with Group B. The other teams in the group aren’t great. 

The United States should be better than Wales. But the U.S. has a tendency to play down to their competition. Wales should beat Iran.

So even though a team in Group B is one of the top four favorites to win the World Cup, Wales still has a shot to move it to the next round. 

Why Wales won’t move to the next round

The Welsh can beat Iran for sure, but the United States will be difficult to get past. The Americans are a solid team. 

Team USA is deep. Not only that, but when Wales meets the U.S., the United States will have the best player on the field in Christian Pulisic. It’s difficult seeing the Welsh besting the Americans. 

Final Analysis – Wales will battle the U.S. for second place in Group B

Wales isn’t a great team, but the Welsh may have enough to score a trip to the second round. The Welsh won’t beat England.

Although the English have struggled in their Nations League matches, we must assume they will pick it up in the World Cup. If we hand Group B’s top spot to England, no doubt, Wales and the U.S. should battle for the second spot. Of the two, Wales is the safer pick to make it to the Round of 16.

The United States is the better overall team, but the Americans don’t play their best in every match. Also, the Welsh might be more talented than many believe. 

Tottenham players Ben Davies and Joe Rodon are great defenders. Midfielder Aaron Ramsey plays for Juventus and although he’s 33, Gareth Bale can still kick the ball into the  back of the net. 

England wins Group B. Wales finishes second and notches their ticket to the knockout stage. 


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