2022 FIFA World Cup Betting Update: UEFA Star Players That Could Find A New Team

2022 FIFA World Cup Betting Update: UEFA Star Players That Could Find A New Team

Written by on August 22, 2022

Before we know it, the best soccer nations in the world will step onto pitches throughout Qatar for the 2022 World Cup. In this week’s WC update, we discuss how some players may have different club addresses before the World Cup, ticket sales at the every four-year event, and how the manager for the tournament chalk took offense at a European player’s opinion. Check out the latest in our FIFA World Cup Betting blog. 

Star UEFA Players May Have New Addresses Before November | FIFA World Cup Analysis

2022 Qatar World Cup

  • When: Nov. 20 – Dec. 18

Plenty of stars could find themselves calling new club teams home before the World Cup. Christian Pulisic, the USMNT’s top player, may be one of them.

The Blues’ ownership has a win now attitude. So it’s no surprise that Chelsea signed Raheem Sterling and were close to attracting Raphinha. 

Pulisic is a quality player, but Chelsea knows they must bolster the attack to have any chance against Man City, Liverpool, and possibly even Tottenham. Christian doesn’t give them their best shot of winning an EPL title. 

Real Madrid and Eden Hazard haven’t had the best luck. Hazard’s first three seasons with El Blanco have been awful. He scored 4 goals in 28 matches.

But this season, things might be trending up. Hazard helped Real get past Almeria in their opener. In March, Hazard had surgery to remove a metal plate. Manager Carlo Ancelotti believes he’s ready to take the next step with Real. 

It could be smoke and mirrors, of course. If Real believes they can get real value for the Belgium star, Hazard could be out the door.

Marcus Rashford may no longer be a Red Devil by the time the World Cup starts. Rashford and Manchester United are a disaster right now. The Red Devils fell to Brighton and Brentford in their first Premier League matches of the season.

Rashford is in such awful form that England manager Gareth Southgate may have to leave him at home. Things are not looking up for Rashford or United. So Southgate may want to use Marcus’ spot for a player in better form.   

World Cup sells 245 million tickets, 500,000 left

FIFA said they have sold 245 million tickets for the 2022 Qatar World Cup. But although they’ve sold plenty of tickets, 500,000 remain unsold.

Nations on the list that have bought the most tickets include host country Qatar and neighboring Saudi Arabia. Citizens from the United States, England, Mexico, Argentina, France, Germany and Brazil have also bought plenty of tickets. 

FIFA has three months before the World Cup starts. Three months feels like a long time. But it isn’t and who knows what type of shape the global economy will be in right before first kick. Selling out could be much tougher than many believe. 

Brazil manager Tite takes issue with Kylian Mbappe’s Europe has a better shot at the WC comment

Kylian Mbappe said the reason European nations have won the last four World Cups is because Euro countries face a tougher time qualifying. On the surface, Mbappe’s analysis makes sense.

France, England, Germany, Belgium, Spain, and the Netherlands are all part of FIFA World Cup Qualifying. Any one of those six teams can win the WC. 

Mbappe’s comments, though, drew plenty of blowback. Lionel Messi and Brazil manager Tite made decent counter arguments. Messi and Tite both said that Mbappe didn’t know how difficult it was to play teams like Bolivia and Venezuela in high altitude and at crazy hot temperatures.

Tite added that when you qualify for the WC in CONMENBOL, you get zero breaks. Tite mentioned that in South America “there are no Azerbaijan’s” you can play during the group stage. 

Both sides have good arguments. Mbappe is looking at the fact the Europeans have won four straight titles. Tite and Messi are looking at it from a physical stand point.

The good news is that we mustn’t wait long to find out who is right. Brazil, England, France, and Argentina are the top four favorites to win the 2022 World Cup.


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