2022 FIFA World Cup Betting Update Top 3 Favorites, Germany’s Odds Dropped

2022 FIFA World Cup Betting Update: Top 3 Favorites, Germany’s Odds Dropped

Written by on July 26, 2022

Our last World Cup odds update was in early July, which is why it’s a great time to see what has happened with WC odds. Brazil and England, even though the English played awful in a couple of Nations League matches, remain the two favorites. France continues to show third-choice odds. The fourth choice, though, is different than from our last FIFA World Cup Odds update. Check it out.

Updated FIFA 2022 Qatar World Cup Odds and Betting Analysis

2022 Qatar World Cup

  • When: Nov. 21 – Dec. 18

2022 Qatar World Cup Updated Odds

  • Brazil +450
  • England +560
  • France +600
  • Argentina +710
  • Spain +810
  • Germany +1000
  • Portugal +1200
  • Netherlands +1225
  • Belgium +1400
  • Denmark +2800
  • Uruguay +5000
  • Croatia +5000
  • Switzerland +8000
  • Senegal +8000
  • USA +10000
  • Poland +12000
  • Wales +15000
  • Serbia +15000
  • Ecuador +15000
  • Mexico +15000
  • Canada +16000
  • Cameroon +2000
  • Morocco +24000
  • Japan +24000
  • Ghana +24000
  • Republic of Korea +26000
  • Australia +26000
  • Tunisia +34000
  • Qatar +34000
  • Costa Rica +75000
  • Saudi Arabia +75000
  • Iran +75000

Top three odds choices hold steady

Brazil opened a +450 chalk, saw their odds go down to +440, and now are again a +450 favorite. So far, the Brazilians have shown no signs that they won’t live up to their favorite status.

The same can’t be said about England. Hungary beat England 4-0 in England’s second Nations League match. England next plays on Sep. 23 versus Italy. If the English don’t step it up in that game, 8 weeks out from the World Cup, fans should start worrying.

France has played worse than England. The French have a couple of draws and a couple of losses in their Nations League matches. France next takes on Austria on Sep. 22. Just like English fans, if France doesn’t step it up, French fans should start feeling nervous about their World Cup hopes. 

Money flows to Argentina, making Messi and his mates the fourth choice

Ever since oddsmakers set lines for nations to win the 2022 Qatar World Cup, Spain had represented the fourth-choice. But starting last week, something changed.

Spain and Argentina flipped so that Messi and his mates are the +710 fourth-choice and Spain is the over +800 fifth-choice. What happened?

The word is out regarding Argentina. Lionel’s squad is loaded. Messi remains the best player on the team, but the Argentinians have so many good players that Messi can serve more of a leadership role.

Lionel mustn’t do everything at this year’s World Cup. Lautaro Martinez, Paulo Dybala, and Julian Alvarez can lead the charge at forward. Rodrigo de Paul and Giovani Lo Celso can lead the midfielders. 

Angel Di Maria and Messi can serve as leaders on the pitch. Argentina has become the hottest World Cup play in the past month.   

Germany’s odds drop from +1200 to +1000

Germany is the second hottest World Cup play. The Germans have shed +200 in odds since our World Cup odds article in early July. 

Deutschland is loaded with talented players like Leroy Sane, Joshua Kimmich, Thomas Mueller, and Serge Gnabry. On paper, Germany should have always been a +1000 choice. 

Don’t be surprised if Germany leapfrogs Spain and becomes the fifth choice to win the Qatar World Cup. Veterans like Mueller and top young talent like Kimmich makes Germany a better WC contender than Spain. 

Portugal and the Netherlands become favorites ahead of Belgium

Early in the betting, Portugal, Germany, the Netherlands, and Belgium all offered +1200 odds. Germany’s odds have gone to +1000. Belgium’s odds have skyrocketed to +1400.

The Belgians are a longer shot on the board than Germany, Portugal, or the Netherlands because many have figured out what some soccer handicappers knew all along, if Belgium didn’t win the Cup in 2018, why would they in 2022?

Belgium is an older squad. Their top players are either in their late twenties or thirties. The Netherlands, Portugal, and Germany are much younger, which is why bettors are flocking to those three teams and not to Belgium. 


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