The Match Odds, Analysis and PGA Betting Favorites

The Match Odds, Analysis and PGA Betting Favorites

If truth be told, there generally isn’t a lot of chatter about golf in the month of December. All the big tournaments are still off in the distance, yet here we are getting ready to engage in some golf talk. The reason we are doing so is because we have a fun event coming this Saturday night. It is known as The Match, which is now heading into its 7th version. This time around, we will see the team of Jordan Spieth and Justin Thomas go against the pairing of Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy. These are some of the biggest names on the PGA Tour, and while this is a charity event, you can bet that all these guys will still want to win. Let’s break it down a little before we make a pick so you can get ready to make your bets against the PGA Tour Odds.

PGA Betting Preview and Odds for The Match 2022

The Match Details

The Match will take place under the lights on Saturday night, with the tee off set for 6:30 PM EST. This is a game that is basically made for TV, so there is a lot of stuff to watch beforehand that will help you get a feel for what it’s all about. The golfers will use the best ball format and play a shortened 12-hole game, meaning that this thing could be over by the 10th hole if either of the teams is 3-UP at that point.

While each of the players taking part are great in their own right, it will almost certainly be Tiger Woods who gets the most attention here. You can’t deny that it’s going to be exciting to see him back on the course after dealing with several different health issues. Speaking of the course, The Match will take place at the Pelican Golf Club in Bellair, Florida, so don’t expect weather to be an issue with this one. These games are always played for charity, and this time around, it will be for the Hurricane Ian Relief Fund.

Besides the head-to-head aspect of The Match, there will also be a few different challenges taking place during the game, all designed to add some more money to the charity pot. Some of these challenges include using a single club for an entire hole, and a hole-in-one challenge that could potentially add $2.5 million to the pot. The format is already a ton of fun to watch, but these additional challenges add a little touch of spice that should make it even more fun.

The Current Odds

Yes, this is a charity affair, but you can still get a wager on to add to the excitement of the event. As you might expect with teams of this caliber, the bookies see it as being close. It is Spieth and Thomas who are in as the underdog at odds of -131, while the duo of Woods and McIlroy are one the board at -105. The health of Wood worries me a little, but with this not being a full round of golf, I’m guessing he has enough in the tank to get around all 12 holes without an issue. That has me leaning toward he and McIlroy to win the 7th version of The Match.


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