MLB AL East Betting Predictions: Yankees, and Toronto Blue Jays Betting Favorites and More

MLB AL East Betting Predictions: New York Yankees, Toronto Blue Jays Betting Favorites and More

Baseball fans have finally arrived at the moment they have been waiting for all winter long, which is the start of the new MLB season. The action gets underway later this week, and while the cream may not rise to the top for a few weeks, it’s always fun to see the division races start to play out, even though we all know they will probably look very different at the end of the season. It seems as though every new season delivers a surprise team jumping out to a fast start, only to find it impossible to maintain that pace. Similarly, some of the early favorites will start slowly and build a head of steam as the season progresses. It’s all exciting to watch, and while we will be keeping an eye on all the races, for this piece, we are focusing on the AL East and MLB betting analysis.


MLB AL East Season Predictions: Winner and Upset | MLB Odds & Lines


New York Yankees

The Yankees won the division last year in a bit of a canter, but it was not the season that everyone expected. They came flying out of the gate and looked set to break all kinds of records, but they fell well off the pace in the second half, ending the year with 99 wins. Aaron Judge had a season for the ages and will be back in the fold after signing a new contract. The Yankees are the favorites to win the division again, but they will have some stiff competition that will not make it a slam dunk.

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Toronto Blue Jays

If anyone can overtake the Yankees to win the division, it would be the Blue Jays. They are blessed with power from top to bottom and should once again score a ton of runs, but they need more from their pitching staff, who let them down badly in the Wild Card last year. That looks to me like it will happen, which makes this team very dangerous indeed. In fact, I might be more than a little tempted to take the Blue Jays to win the East.

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Tampa Bay Rays

The Rays do not have a ton of money to throw around, but they are still one of the best organizations in the business. They have made the playoffs in each of the last 4 seasons and will be looking to make it 5 in a row, although their path to the postseason will likely need to be through the Wild Card, as I simply don’t seem them able to keep up with the Yankees and Blue Jays. Still, another Wild Card spot is not out of the question.

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Baltimore Orioles

This was the surprise team of the division, and probably the entire MLB last season, with the Orioles just missing out on the Wild Card. The feeling was that they would jump into free agency and nab some veterans to mix in with their talented young squad, but the front office chose to essentially stand pat. That shows a distinct lack of ambition and could prevent this team from being a legit challenger. Still, if you are going to choose an upset in this division, the Orioles might be the team to look at.

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Boston Red Sox

The Red Sox had an awful year in 2022, and while they did spend some money in the offseason, the loss of Xander Bogaerts might well negate all the moves they made. This looks like a team a long way off from being a challenger, and I would be stunned if they were still in the running for a Wild Card spot heading into the second half of the season.

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