NBA Betting News & Rumors: Zion Williamson Wins Legal Battle

NBA Betting News & Rumors: Zion Williamson Wins Legal Battle

Written by on January 21, 2021

We are still a couple of months away from the deadline, but that hasn’t stopped the chatter of potential trades and teams looking to move on from huge contracts that are hampering their roster. For now, much of what we are hearing is speculation, but we will still touch on some of that in this piece. We will also take a quick look at some of the stories that are making headlines across the NBA, including a major win for Zion Williamson off the court. That is the story that we will lead with this week so get ready to make your bets against their NBA odds.

2021 NBA Betting News & Rumors January 21st Edition

Zion Williamson has been involved in a legal battle that finally turned his way earlier this week. He was looking to get out of a marketing deal that he signed with Gina Ford and Prime Sports Marketing shortly after declaring for the draft while still in college. There was roughly $100 million on the line in the deal, but the good news for the NBA star is that a judge delivered a partial judgment that gets him out of the deal, as she believed that the agreement was not in line with the rules set out by the North Carolina Uniform Athlete Agents Act.

The Philadelphia 76ers surged to the top of the Eastern Conference with a win over the Boston Celtics on Wednesday night. The battle for top spot in the East is turning into a great one, but it also seems to be creating some ill feelings among rival players. There was some finger pointing going on after the Celtics/76ers game, with Marcus Smart and Joel Embiid complaining about contact and flopping. It is, in the grand scheme of things, a rather petty little squabble, but we think it just makes things more interesting, as both of these teams are sure to be in the hunt for an East title.

Speaking of finger pointing, it would appear that things in Houston were worse than we thought prior to James Harden being shipped out to the Brooklyn Nets. In a story first reported by the Athletic, it is believed that a team meeting turned decidedly frosty. The rumor is that John Wall and DeMarcus Cousins both called Harden out, questioning his state of mind and desire to play the game. It was, allegedly, that meeting that led to Harden being kept away from team activities until the Rockets were able to put together the trade.

On the subject of trades, one player that looks destined to be on the move this season is Blake Griffin of the Detroit Pistons. The Pistons are heading into a rebuild and will more than likely move Griffin to get some younger personnel, but where could ne potentially end up. There are several good fits, with Denver, Sacramento, and Atlanta at or near the top of the list. Griffin’s numbers have been declining, but a change of scenery might serve him well at this stage of his career.


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