Potential 2021 NBA Eastern Conference Finals Matchups

Potential 2021 NBA Eastern Conference Finals Matchups

Written by on February 15, 2021

We aren’t even at the halfway point of the NBA season yet, so talking about potential conference finals matchups may seem a bit foolish at this point. There is still a lot of basketball to be played, and while we might have a handle on how each team looks right now, that could all change over the next few months. Injuries are sure to play a role in how things play out, and let’s not forget that we still have the trade deadline to come. What impact that has on the final seedings remains to be seen. For now, though, we can take what we know and look at three potential matchups that might just happen, so let’s start out with the Eastern Conference. That said, let’s jump right into action so you can plan ahead your bets and place them against their NBA Eastern Conference odds.

NBA Betting | Eastern Conference Finals: Possible Matchups

Milwaukee Bucks Vs Brooklyn Nets

If you had asked NBA fans and pundits prior to the start of the season which two teams would be vying for the Eastern Conference crown, you would almost certainly have had a good number of them pick this matchup. The Bucks have been the class of the East over the past couple of seasons, although their regular season dominance has not carried over into the postseason. The Nets were among the favorites even before they pulled off the trade to get James Harden from the Houston Rockets, but they are even more of a favorite now. This is likely the matchup that most people would want to see, and with both teams vying for the top seed right now, it certainly looks like a possibility.

Philadelphia 76ers Vs Milwaukee Bucks

While certainly not a total surprise, not many of us expected to see the Philadelphia 76ers sitting atop the Eastern Conference standings at this stage of the season. That is where they are, though, as they are boasting a 2-game lead over the Bucks, who are slumping a little at the moment. If there is one concern about the 76ers at this point of the season, it is that they have not been great on the road, going 7-7 on the season. If they can nab the #1 seed, though, that becomes a little less important. As for the Bucks, we know that they are a very good team, but they have been inconsistent in the early going. They have shown the ability to put together good winning runs, but they have also hit a few slumps, which could be a problem in the postseason.

Brooklyn Nets Vs Philadelphia 76ers

Strange things can happen in the playoffs, but looking at the Eastern Conference right now, you have to think that the top 3 teams are just that much better than the rest of the pack. That is why I am sticking with these 3 in the potential matchups, although that may change as the season goes on. The Nets have what looks to be the best starting five in the conference, if not the league, right now, but they are taking a minute to gel. You do have to feel that they will get on a roll at some point, so watch out. I am not entirely sold on the idea of the 76ers hanging on to the #1 seed, but through this first part of the season, they have looked good, so maybe they can surprise me.


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