Basic NFL Point Spread Handicapping Strategies

Basic NFL Point Spread Handicapping Strategies

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times. When it comes to cashing in on NFL betting, there’s more than one way to skin the proverbial cat! If you’re an NFL betting buff that is looking to make consistent positive returns (well, duh, who isn’t?) on your pro football betting investments, then you should know that there’s much more to making a successful NFL wager than by simply betting on the top favorites each week.

Basic NFL Point Spread Handicapping Strategies –NFL Online Betting on Underdogs Made Easy

  While experienced betting enthusiasts may already know a thing or two about betting on underdogs, casual gamblers and those that are relatively new to the sports betting genre, may not know nearly as much about backing dogs. Thankfully, that’s where I come in with this expert analysis on everything that NFL gamblers need to know about making money by betting on underdogs. Now, let’s get started.

SU Betting Tip

Before I get started with my underdog betting tips, let me throw out a simple fact for current and prospective NFL betting aficionados. I believe that one of the very biggest – and least known – facts about betting on NFL football is the fact that nearly 84% of the time, the team that wins the contest outright is the team that covers the spread, meaning that just 16% of the time, does the point spread really come into play. Basically, this means that NFL gamblers should look, first and foremost at the team they believe is going to win their respective contests outright no matter were the game takes place. Taking this route, even if you’re backing an underdog or playing the SU Moneyline, is one of the most profitable ways to consistently cash in on NFL football. Now, on to the puppies!

Home is Where the Heart Is!

Not only should pro football bettors examine the best underdogs picks on the board each week, nut more importantly – home dogs. In 2015, a whopping seven teams (New Orleans, Atlanta, Pittsburgh, Denver, NY Jets, Indianapolis and Carolina) compiled unbeaten ATS records when listed as a home underdog with Washington narrowly missing out on joining that group (5-1 ATS) despite recording a league-high five ATS wins as a home dog last season. In addition to the aforementioned teams, another four teams (NY Giants, Buffalo, St. Louis and San Francisco) all managed to record winning ATS marks as home dogs last season.

DYK Alert!

Did You Know…that when it comes to winning the annual Super Bowl title tilt, Underdogs have more than held their own. With Denver’s cover against Carolina as a 5-point underdog in last season’s Super Bowl, underdogs have now cashed in for betting backers in fur of the last five Super Bowls and a whopping seven of the last nine overall.

On The Road Again!

If the 2-15 season was any indication, then betting on road dogs is also gong to be a profitable venture in 2016. Last season, at last 22 teams recorded a .500 record as road dogs with 18 of those recording winning ATS records away from home. Seven teams recorded perfect ATS marks on the road with Minnesota (6-0 ATS) and Oakland Raiders (5-0 ATS) leading the way. The best advice I can give to pro football bettors that are considering betting on underdogs each week, is to do your homework in the forms of checking out the most relevant statistical and ATS betting history that you can. Look for those middling teams that are not good enough to win most of their games outright, but are god enough to cover the spread more often than not. Last season, non-playoff teams like Baltimore (4-1 ATS), San Diego (6-2 ATS) and Chicago (6-2 ATS) all recorded winning online NFL betting ATS records as road dogs and that will be the case for another handful of teams in 2016!