Expert Tips for Betting on the First Weeks of NFL

Expert Tips for Betting on the First Weeks of NFL

Do you bet on NFL preseason games? I hope you don’t because nobody does that anymore, unless you are looking for an easy option to waste away your bankroll. The first weeks of the NFL, on the other hand, offer genuine worth-venturing-on NFL betting opportunities. Yes, some teams are usually still in preseason mode in the first weeks of the season, the unpredictability is real because everyone is still feeling their way back to football, and new and old players are figuring out how to gel up with one another in a serious playing situation rather than in the non-important games during training camps.

Expert Tips for Betting on the First Weeks of NFL


Even so, the games in the first weeks of the NFL count towards the eventual results at the end of the season, meaning most teams always strive to play their best of games in search for wins. With that, performances in the NFL odds tend to be as representative as possible of the actual strength of teams. Keeping that in mind, here are some tips for betting on the first weeks of NFL.

Trust Veterans over Rookies

Rookie players tend to a bit shifty and their performance in the NFL cannot be trusted given that adjusting in the Pros often takes some time. Having confidence in a team led by a rookie QB or has several rookies in key skill positions is therefore unadvisable in the first weeks of the season. If you want to play it safe, you are better off trusting teams with proven vets in the first weeks of the season. For rookie-laden teams, only go with the ones that have at least proven themselves for in the first two weeks of the season against top-tier opponents.

Know Your NFL History

Through a mix of judicious recruitment and clever coaching, certain teams in have a proven history of succeeding in the league, whether in the first or last weeks of the season. Teams like the New England Patriots, Seattle Seahawks and Super Bowl 50 winners Denver Broncos stand to be mentioned here. Still on history, some teams are perennial strong starters in the season, making them trustworthy picks in the first weeks of the season. The Arizona Cardinals, who’ve gone undefeated in the first six weeks of the past two seasons, are a perfect example of such strong starters. Be sure to stay abreast with such details if you want to make the right picks at the start of the season.

Have an NFL Betting Strategy

NFL betting strategies are important at the start of the season just in the same way they are pivotal at the end. To ensure that you succeed in your bets at the beginning of the season, develop a strategy that should help you to handicap different betting scenarios. From aspects such as weather to injuries or suspensions, different external factors affect NFL games variably, so having strategies to handicap such scenarios is extremely important.

Go for NFL Lines you are Most Comfortable With

The NFL offers a variety of betting options, ranging from traditional types of NFL lines such as money lines, spread betting and points totals to individual player markets such as passing touchdowns, total sacks and rushing yards per game. With so many options to choose from, bettors can easily get confused about which lines to go for. As a general rule, stick to the lines you know best rather than just jumping on a line that looks lucrative (yet you don’t know anything about).