Methods to Improve your Betting Income

Methods to Improve your Betting Income

Are you tired of being part of the increasingly growing statistics of bettors that can’t get a break from losing in the sportsbetting? Confession… A good number of us have been there. Good news, though, is that you can break away from that betting slump if you invest your time into knowing the right ways to improve your betting income. With the right methods, betting can be a great way of turning your passion in any sport into a regular income. In this article, we present you with a number of interesting pointers that will help redress your mistakes and open a new world of sustainable success.

Methods to Improve your Betting Income

Avoid Guesswork, Do Your Research

No matter how good you were at guessing answers in your schooling days, don’t be deceived into thinking that the same guesses will work in betting. Real punters base their betting decisions on past events and statistics that are found through expansive research. Guesswork and betting on your favorite team won’t get you far; in most cases, it will lead to cyclic losses. Oh, and while you are at it, develop a niche and choose a sportsbetting arena that you are familiar with.

Design a Risk Management System

Also known as capital or bankroll management, risk management essentially involves having a strategy for manage your funds in a way that you don’t risk money that you can’t afford to lose. Irrespective of how much betting edge you gain over your bookies, bad risk management will make your betting bankroll evaporate sooner rather than later. Having a good risk management helps to get you in a safe distance from calamitous staking plans, like martingale systems. The general betting rule here is that always risk 1% of your gambling capital… You can tweak this rule about proportional betting to suit your wagering needs, depending on how endowed you are financially and how much risk you can afford to take at any given time.

Don’t Chase Losses, Stay Disciplined

If you bet your whole pot on one game, race or event and lose, you are most likely to try and chase your losses. That’s a mistake made so many times, especially by beginners. Don’t do that, it will leave you all high and dry for no reason. Instead, spread your pot among several smaller bets, which will increase your likelihood of making some profits in the long run, of course if you do your homework the right way. Oh, and above everything, be disciplined and always be prepared for variance and how to deal with it. As long as you are doing everything by the book, trust your strategy (especially if it has been working before) and stick with it.

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Shop Around for the Best Betting Odds

Different bookies always offer different prices for the same event, often changing the prices according to betting patterns of their customers. To have one over your bookies, shop around for the best odds and find discrepancies that you can use to your advantage.