MAR 29 - Keys To Disciplined And Profitable Betting

Keys To Disciplined And Profitable Betting

If you want to be a profitable sports bettor (who doesn’t?) then you should know that there are several methods that can help you become more disciplined in your quests to cash in consistently. Now, let’s get started with my best discipline-building online betting tips.

In Depth Analysis On The Keys To Disciplined And Profitable Betting


In order to be successful at sports betting, one thing you’ll definitely need is patience. You see, without patience, you’ll be prone to making all sorts of ill-advised wagers that will likely cost you big in the long run.

Think Oven…Not Microwave!

If you’re looking to make money on sports betting then you need to think long-term like an old-school’ conventional oven and not go for the quick win and short-term ‘microwave’ victory.

Slow and steady victories will win the race if you’re a regular sports bettor…not one or two wins that are sandwiched around a string of costly losses. Of course, this can often be easier said than done since today’s microwave society is full of people who want and expect – to get what they want – right now!

Remember, patience is crucial.

Play Small Ball!

When you’re a new bettor, any victory feels absolutely fantastic. However, after time, small wins just don’t give you the same feeling of exuberance that you once got as a less experienced bettor. Don’t make the mistake of throwing more cash on certain games simply because you want to cash in big! A weekly ‘small ball’ approach has always helped me win consistently and it can do the same for you!

Manage Your Bankroll!

Manage your betting bankroll as if your life depended on it. Don’t make huge ‘loss-chasing’ wagers in an effort to recoup your losses in one fell swoop. Oh…and you should never, ever ‘over-bet’ what you know deep down inside that you can’t afford to lose. Proper money management is crucial to profitable sports betting and shows just how much patience you have.

Bet for Profit Only, Not Fun!

It might sound strange, but believe it or not, some people like to make wagers for ‘fun’. Ask yourself whether you’re betting for excitement and fun or to make money?

People that make bets for fun and excitement are less structured and more casual with their wagers as opposed to bettors that are looking to make a profit. Betting strictly for fun also increases your chances of losing, so make sure you are betting to make a profit. Sports betting is a business and you need to view it that way and adopt a professional approach.

Bet on What You Know Best

While there are always a few exceptions, most bettors bet on the sports they know the most about. Just think about it. A lifelong NFL and college football bettor that rarely watches any basketball and barely knows the difference between LeBron James and Steph Curry probably shouldn’t go around making all kinds of NBA bets, lest he wager on the Los Angeles Lakers instead of the Clippers.

The bottom line is that you stand a better chance of winning the more you understand what you’re betting on. Bet on the sport you know best and not try to delve into a sport you don’t really know much about just make a quick buck.

Head, Not Heart!

Last but not least, controlling your emotions is an integral part of becoming a disciplined and profitable sports bettor. Never, ever, ever, use your ‘heart’ to make a wager. This means removing your love for one team or another and using your brain power, research, ATS trends and ‘gut feelings’ to make the right pick. While every sports betting enthusiast alive has made at least one betting selection based on ‘love’ be forewarned that doing so is generally a quick route to disaster!