Win, Lose, or Draw: The Art of Sports Betting

That time of year is quickly approaching when sports betting will raise the stakes on one of America’s favorite past times. From NFL games to College Football this sport makes even the most friendly relationships turn into rivalries that lasts for months out of the year.

So what is it about the NFL and College Football that has people willing to open up their pocketbook? The answer is simple, sports betting is an art, and for some dedicated individuals a bet on sports is part of their livelihood. Betting enthusiasts spend the majority of the year making decisions about what they should be betting on and when.


But what’s the real secret to betting on sports? According to most avid sports bettors, the real secret is to managing your money. Obviously, in order to make money you can’t dedicate every dime you have to one game or one team over and over again. Rather, just like with any other type of investment you need to learn to bet on sports that you are knowledgeable about and are willing to spend the time and energy doing research.

The sky is the limit with sports betting in today’s world. The internet has made sports much more understandable and instead of spending tons of time and money going to NFL and College Football games you can now do all of your own independent research from the comfort of your own home. With multiple websites dedicated to reporting on team stats, player stats, and potential outcomes sports has taken on a whole new meaning for some.

Don’t think that you are going to be able to just jump right in to sports betting and make money immediately. People that are successful with sports betting have spent years studying what they are betting on. They also seem to have self-control that they have had to learn in order to ensure that they don’t go broke before the season is even over.


Sports betting also has a language all of its own that you may need to learn before you decide to bet big. Here are a few starter terms:

Handicapping information:

This is the art of being able to read information and analyze it to make the best possible decision on the direction you should bet on sports for the week.


While you may think this term means the probability of what you might win, in sports it’s actually the number of points that are being given to the weaker team to help equal the players.

In-Play odds:

These type of odds allow an individual to make real time decisions and make changes in their betting style during a live event.


This is a critical word to know and understand in sports betting. Drift is when there hasn’t been a lot of support for something and your bet moves up because of lack of support. This could be a good thing for you, or in most instances, it could turn out poorly.

Each way:

When the person placing the bets is actually using both sports teams to their advantage. You could bet more on one team than the other team but by placing bets on both you are increasing your odds of winning something in the end. Be warned though, this type of betting could result in making no profit.


The likes of the NFL and College Football are great venues to venture into the world of sports betting. Make sure that you do a little bit of research and understand all of your option before you spend a lot of money getting started. Maybe start with a small group of friends just to test the waters and move up from there. Once you understand how the world of sports betting operates the sky is the limit.

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