Is Paying for Picks Worth it

Is Paying for Picks Worth it?

The question about the viability of buying sports betting picks is something that has been popularly discussed in many sports handicapping forums without any consensus being reached. For a select few shrewd businessmen that take sportsbetting as a serious investment, paying for picks is a time-saving business model that has resulted in good profits. For the majority of the remaining betting public, though, the paid picks rarely bring sustainable success.

Is Paying for Picks Worth it?

Personally, I am a bit partisan on the whole issue about buying picks. Admittedly, I know of a few individuals who’ve had quite some success with the paid picks. Even so, I always tend to discourage bettors from buying sports betting picks, not because they don’t work (because they sometimes do), but because very few handicappers that sell picks are truly winners. Plus, if you’ve been in the sportsbetting industry long enough, you will agree with me that there are far more cost-effective methods to rack up huge profits than you do when purchasing picks.

My personal opinions aside, here is a brief look at some of the reasons for and against paying for picks, basing our discussion on general studies and opinions from the betting public.


Reasons Why Buying Picks May Be a Good Thing

Before we get started on reasons why purchasing picks could be a worthwhile endeavor, it is important to note that we have thousands of “touts” who claim to be winners and they cover pretty much every sport imaginable to you. The truth, however, is that not all these touts are as good as they advertise themselves to be. So, to avoid getting conned into buying bogus picks, make sure that these sport cappers that you intend to buy picks from have a documented and provable winning record of at least 56 percent over a period not less than six months. If and only then can you consider the reasons for buying picks given below.

  • If you have been losing more than you are winning, then maybe trying to buy picks from professional could be good for you, possibly to help change your betting fortunes for the better.

  • If you are new to sports betting and don’t understand how to crunch down numbers or sift through betting trends and relevant handicapping details such as injuries and coaches, venturing into the world of paid picks may be worthwhile, at least until you get your footing right.

  • Paying for picks can also be invaluable when you don’t have time to research or read through several previews about games you are interested in. This can be especially important because some paid picks sites have access to information that’s not widely available, thus offering you the convenience of learning all that information without doing the ‘dirty’ work of researching.

Reasons Why Buying Picks Is Not a Worthy Venture

The biggest reason against buying picks is that the majority of information given to you by your touts at a fee is available freely in other sportsbetting sites that offer free game previews and predictions. So, in short, you end up paying for things that you’d easily get freely if you weren’t lazy enough to avoid reading a couple of pages and sites over the internet.

Another key disadvantage is that a large percentage of the sites that sell picks are either complete scams or just run by people that aren’t good enough to ensure that you win on a consistent basis.

Then, of course, there is the issue of cost. For starters, no handicapper, however good he/she is, can be right all the time, meaning you will have to deal with the double disadvantage of paying for wrong picks and then accruing losses from the wrong paid picks. And even when you get winning paid picks, the costs of paying up for the picks will most likely take up a significant chunk of your eventual profits.

Finally, paying for picks takes out the fun that comes with creating your own betting strategy and being proud of making right predictions. Of course, if you are all about making money no matter the method you use, then you have nothing to be concerned about here. However, if you are concerned about enjoying games and beating your sportsbook based on your own judgments, then paying for picks should be a no-no for you because purchasing sports picks doesn’t allow you to have your cake and eat it too.

Rejoinder on Paying for Betting Picks

All in all, there is no simple right or wrong answer when it comes to answering the question about whether it is worth paying for pick. The answer, and the choice made thereof, depends on several factors such as the type of bettor you are, you current personal situation or even what you are trying to achieve as a bettor. If the benefits of buying picks outweigh the disadvantages, go for it. But if it is the other way round, then keep off!