proportional betting

What is Proportional Betting?

Luck, research, inspiration and any other number of related factors can greatly help accentuate success and profitability in sports betting, but in the absence of a intelligible betting strategy, even the luckiest or best of players will eventually go broke from suffering unrecoverable losses. If you want to make a successful and sustainable run in the world of sports betting, you have to understand importance of bankroll management, and this is where strategy of proportional betting comes in handy.

What is Proportional Betting?

The basic tenet behind proportional betting is that punters wager on an amount ranging from 1 to 5 percent of their bankroll on a consistent basis. In other words, this betting strategy allows you to size your wagers in proportion to your current bankrolls. Proportional betting not only offers flexibility but it also allows your bets to stay the same, though the bets could be smaller or bigger depending on your bankroll.  

Application of Proportional Betting

When used appropriately over time, proportional betting helps in limiting losses while improving gains, as betting plays extend and luck defies the law of averages. This is mainly based on the fact that, in the long run, you don’t risk an irrecoverable percentage of your bankroll on one bet. Similarly, you can weather down any downswings in your betting endeavors and minimize your wagering risks. In summary, these are major benefits of proportional betting:  
  • You can modify your bets depending on your convictions, within a predetermined bracket
  • You can make the amount of your bets evolve proportionally to the size of your current portfolio.
  The small downside, however, is that in proportional betting, you calculations regularly and frequently change your betting ratios, depending on the changes in your bankroll. As a general rule, you can afford to increase your bets if you are successful in your early bets. If not, then scale down and wager a small amount until your bankroll rises appropriately as per the 1 to 5 percent.