Most Popular Leagues to Bet On

Most Popular Leagues to Bet On

When you start talking about betting on sports, there are several popular leagues to bet on. Let’s take a look at a few of the favorites, at least here in the United States. Online sports betting is massive. How massive, last year during the NCAA tournament, $8 billion was bet on the tournament. $6 billion of that was illegally done. Let’s talk about the top leagues to bet on.

Most Popular Leagues to Bet On


NFL is King

The National Football League is king. Now, the NFL has three, and sometimes four nights a week with action to bet on. The National Football League has a huge following for the sudden rush of games that are played on Sunday. Then, once Monday arrives, that’s the only thing to bet on. College football doesn’t typically play on Monday’s and most of the time the NBA and NHL have not even started. Monday Night Football is massive in the scale of sports betting. Then, why not on Thursday – it’s the start of a new week. The National Football League is the most popular league to bet on.

College Football Betting is Next

College Football comes in next. College Football loves to think they are not a huge part of the Las Vegas culture, but they are. College Football has a large slate of games on Saturday’s, but now they are also turning to weeknight games. Know those MAC games on Tuesday night’s that many talk about as “MACTION”? Those are some of the most popular games to bet on when it comes to the sport of college football.

Baseball is Long but Lots of Action

Major League Baseball is a very long season, but gets an awful lot of betting action. Major League Baseball is certainly among the most popular leagues to bet on. Major League Baseball betting action can vary, but the popular theme has been finding the underdogs, and riding them throughout a baseball season. Baseball is difficult, and it’s the one sport that hits the saying: “You never know” more than any other. Do not discredit Major League Baseball when talking about popular leagues to bet on.

March Madness Banner 3

College Basketball is Fun During March Madness

NCAA Basketball is a fun league to bet on. While most of the NCAA basketball action when you are betting on is during the NCAA tournament, there is still a good amount of betting done. NCAA Basketball is nearly every night from the month of November through March. Friday night’s there are usually smaller conference games, but even at that, they are bet on. The NCAA Basketball season is very popular when you are talking about leagues to bet on.

There you have it. When you start talking about the most popular leagues to bet on over at, those are a few. Of course, the NBA, NHL, MLS and others also have a great deal of betting. Enjoy your betting, and best of luck!