JUN 01 - Five Questions You Should Ask Yourself When Betting On Sports

Five Questions You Should Ask Yourself When Betting On Sports

It doesn’t matter if you’re a longtime sports online betting enthusiast, new to the industry or have only been betting on sports for a short period of time. If you want to be a successful sports bettor, there are a handful of questions that you need to ask yourself – and answer honestly.

Five Questions You Should Ask Yourself When Betting On Sports


Why do I bet?

Are you betting for fun or to make a profit? I know it sounds weird that someone could be betting for ‘fun’ and not for profit since there’s nothing fun at all about losing money, but some people do it anyway.

If you’ve got an unlimited bankroll and you’re just betting for fun, well, God bless you (I’ll give you my bank account info). If you’re like most ‘normal’ people with more realistic finances, then you need to know you’re betting for profit and treat your wagers like a businessman looking to increase his company’ profits.

What are my ‘best sports to bet on?

Let’s say your favorite sport is NFL football, but you only win 45 percent of your picks, but you nail 53 or 54 percent of your NBA picks and an impressive 59 percent of your MLB picks. Then clearly, your ‘best’ sport to wager on is baseball and that’s probably where you need to place your betting focus each and every year.

What’s my bankroll?

Hey, in getting back to that betting for fun or profit thing, you’re probably like 99 percent of all sports bettors that have a realistic bankroll they need to manage. If you haven;t set yourself a weekly or monthly bankroll, then you need to do it right now. Again, in keeping with that, ‘thinking like a businessman’ thing you need to know how much money is going out of – and coming into – your betting coffer. Don’t make impulse wagers outside of your betting bankroll and you’re going to be much better off in the long run.

Am I successful?

Whether you need it or not, there are all sorts of tracking programs available today that will help you to now just how you’re doing with your picks, even ones that you don’t actually place monetary wagers on. Track each and every pick you make, that way, you’ll know just how successful you are and which sports you do best at betting on.

Where do I turn for help?

Hell, when I started betting years ago, long before the Internet existed, there wasn’t nearly as much help available as it it today so consider yourself lucky! In today’s technologically-advanced times, there are a multitude of ways for you to get the betting help you need, starting right here in the news section.

In addition to the expert betting advice, analysis and free picks you can get here from the best in the business, there are a multitude of other online web sites dedicated to providing insightful sports betting information that will help you on your way. Nowadays, finding the sports betting help you need is as simple as googling it!