The Importance of Discipline and Emotional Control in Sports

Like an important relationship, a favorite hobby or a job you adore to death (like my matchless love for sports writing), successful sportsbetting calls for a lot of emotional control and discipline. The premise of this argument is that both the human mind and heart can be easily influenced by outside factors like the things we see or hear, which (in turn) orient the decisions we make to be based more on a gut-feeling, rather than using logical reasoning.

Of course, there are a number of times when gut-feeling types of decisions have helped us in our betting endeavors, but in order to be a successful bettor, especially over a long period of time, it is highly encouraged that you alienate yourself from unbridled emotional-based decisions, which have often proven to be costly for many bettors and plunged them into unimaginable losses.

Put Your Brain in Gear Before Starting Your Heart…

In other words, elements like our thoughts, behaviors, feelings, attitudes and skills are very essential in sportsbetting, but to be a continually successful bettor over lengthy periods of time, you must tailor your mindset to accommodate crucial mental aspects of decision making like discipline and counter-intuitive thinking.


For instance, when you are on a good winning streak, you may get tempted to increase your bankroll to maximize your profits. Such a situation is often experienced in casinos, where streaking bettors convince themselves (or get tricked) into raising the stakes, and more often than not, it doesn’t end well for them.

The bottom line about sports betting is that nobody will be a winner 100% of the time when betting. In fact, most of the best career bettors over several years have a win percentage between 45 and 55 percentage. And by several years, we mean those who eat, sleep and drink betting every single day of their lives. Still, there is no denying that everyone (and yes, everyone) hits a hot streak every once in a while.

Finding a way to manage the highs of winning and the lows of losing is therefore very important. This is where factors like awareness about risks and rewards, accountability to yourself, consideration of proven betting principles and disciplines, and knowing when to continue or quit in a winning/losing streak will come in handy.

Other Considerations…

Even more importantly, it is very elemental that, when subjecting yourself to discipline and emotional restrain during sportsbetting, ensure that you are well-equipped with sufficient knowledge about betting systems and betting trends on what you bet about. This is because there are instances that our discipline and emotions are in check, but we are not well-conversant about what we are betting on, hence hurting our winning chances.


So, in short, success in sportsbetting requires a conjoined approach, often necessitating the use of time and effort to master the tricks of the trade (just like any other job out there). Handicapping skills, intuitiveness, professionalism and knowledge top the list of requirements for success, but to make a wholesomely well-thought betting decision, ensure that you sieve your choices through the funnel of self-discipline and emotional control. By doing so, your chances of succeeding repeatedly will be greatly encouraged, if not guaranteed.