How to Get Max Value When Betting

How to Get Max Value When Betting

In sports betting, or any other form of betting for that matter, the aim for bettors is to get as much money as possible from the bookies or gambling opponents. In casino games, this process of extracting money from your opponents (especially when you have a winning hand) is known as maximizing the value of your hand. Sportsbetting is no different; with the right picks, proper timing and the right betting strategies, you can get maximum value from as many bookies and sportsbooks as you possibly want. You need to know how to do that? Follow us as we take you through a guide of how to get maximum value when betting…

How to Get Max Value When Betting


Smart Research and Quantification of Bets

Owing to the constant churning of words and opinions by pundits, smarts and bettors alike; the world of sports betting is always filled with popular opinions and favorite teams that attract the public. And as a result, many bettors (particularly the casual ones) easily buy into such popular opinions and bet on the popular bets without any research. A few number of times, you can place wagers by reading or hearing such opinions and end up with wins. If you’ve done that, good for you. Don’t, however, be deceived into thinking that such a betting strategy will get you good value or max value in betting because it won’t.

When you intend to bet on any sporting event, professionalism calls for you to try and work out a percentage of each possible result. Basically, assign a percentage chance of winning to your preferred bets. After deliberating on the bets via research, find out if you picks have a good winning chance (preferably over 55 percent) or not. If, for example, your team has a 50% chance of winning and you find that you will be able to get more than double the money you stake on it, then you have good value. If you are, however, getting less than that, then chances are that you are throwing your money away, so keep off.

Bonuses and Offers

Virtually all the best sportsbooks you will come across will have some sort of bonuses and offers to reward their clients either for signing up, winning a huge bet, or simply being a long-term client. As a bettor, take advantage of these freebies and do your best to milk them dry. As a caution, though, be mindful of any bonuses or offer that that seem too good to be true. One way to find out about the validity or the rules regarding these freebies is by looking at the terms and conditions of the bonus or offer you are interested in.

Shopping For the Best Lines through Price Comparison

Long gone are the days when bettors had to individually and painstakingly comb through countless sites to find the best betting prices. These days, we have websites that amalgamate the prices and compare odds from various sites for you on a single page. All you have to is simply take a sweeping look and you can quickly–and easily–discover which sportsbooks are offering the best available odds. Of course, you should shop for the odds ONLY after you are done with your and you have a good idea of which team or athlete you intend to bet on.

Explore Other Betting Strategies beyond Money Line and Point Spread Betting

Money line and point spread betting are two of the most common strategies used by bettors across the world, with game total (OVER/UNDER) betting coming at a close third. These are, however, just a few of the options you can use, and sometimes they can be a bit limiting. To break away from the rest of the gambling public, explore other viable forms of betting such as Teaser Betting, Half Time Betting, Prop Betting, Alternate Lines and Parlays, which often come with bigger payouts that guarantee maximum value when betting.