DEC 12 - Picking Sexiest Cheerleading Squads In American Sports Is Seventh Heaven

Picking Sexiest Cheerleading Squads in American Sports

While picking a group of the sexiest cheerleading squads there are in American sports was a task akin to having your wisdom teeth pulled without any anesthetics, it was simultaneously, a chore that concluded with yours truly smiling from ear to ear.

Now, you’ll be in seventh heaven too thanks to my fun-filled look at my top seven cheerleading squads in American sports today. Since haste makes waste, let’s rock and roll people.

Analyzing And Picking Sexiest Cheerleading Squads in American Sports



Sure, the Oregon Ducks football team took a sizable step backwards this season, but their football cheerleading squad is absolutely hot people! The Ducks cheerleaders come in all shapes, sizes and colors too, making them one of the perfect units for fans far and wide to endlessly gaze at.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Starting with their skimpy uniforms, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers cheerleaders are completely hot! The Bucs cheerleaders wear black, grey, and red uniforms that are son enticing that they make me want to become some sort of swashbuckling modern day pirate.


Well…its Sin City, so I guess it’s no surprise that some of the sexiest cheerleaders in the world attend UNLV. Personally, I don’t care if the Runnin’ Rebels ever win a game as long as their cheerleaders show up.

The U!

Oh my goodness! The University of Miami’s cheerleaders are freaking on fire! From their beautiful booties to the mesmerizing ways they move and contort their bodies, ‘The U’ has a cheerleading squad they can be proud of.

Miami Dolphins

Clearly, South Beach features some of the most beautiful women on the face of the planet – and apparently, many of them wanted to suit up for the Miami Dolphins cheerleading team! All I’m going to say about the Dolphins cheerleaders is that you had better not be within an arm’s length of your significant other when watching them or you’re going to get smacked guys.

Miami Heat Dancers

Staying in Miami wasn’t very difficult seeing as how the Miami heat dancers are completely and utterly stunning! Don’t believe me? Check them out on Instagram and you’ll see what I mean. Tiny spandex shorts? Check. Body-contorting dance moves? Roger! Beautiful faces beyond belief? Affirmative! All systems are a go with the Heat dance team!

Los Angeles Lakers Dancers

If you were expecting to see the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders, think again. The hottest group of cheerleaders/dancers in all of professional sports belongs to the Los Angeles Lakers and their incomparable Laker Girls!

Many of the Laker Girls have the prototypical Southern California, beautiful and blonde and those that don’t have their own brand of beauty that looks to be unrivaled if you ask me. Damn, where’s Paula Abdul when you really need her?