Non-Marquee Sports With Profits From College and Pro Sports

Non-Marquee Sports With Profits From College and Pro Sports

The NBA, NFL, NHL and MLB are without doubt the most followed sports across the world, attracting a lot of attention in the sportsbooks in and off the season. Essentially, that’s the reason Oddsmakers and Bookmakers usually take a lot of time in creating and adjusting the betting lines of these sports, making it rather difficult to make consistent profits from their sharp lines.

Non-Marquee Sports With Profits from the Less-Known College and Pro Sports

The good news, however, is that there are many other lucrative sports and sporting events that get less attention from the betting public and the bookies, which offers a leeway for shrewd bettors to find false lines and odds that come with tons of opportunities for fishing out winners.

If you are looking to become one the millions of people who are silently making a killing by betting on these non-marquee sports, stay with us as we take you throw a sweeping guide of how to make profits from some of these less known—but potentially rewarding—sportsbetting lines.

Collegiate Sports

In college football betting, bookmakers mostly pay attention to the Power 5 conferences–the SEC, Big Ten, Pac-12, Big 12, and ACC—and teams ranked in the top 25 teams, given that the majority of games involving such schools garner most interest. This often leaves games from small conferences with good opportunities for bettors to capitalize on their frequently ‘not-so-sharp’ lines.

The same story applies to the world of NCAAB betting, where we have over 300 Division 1 teams competing for various honors in college basketball, which in turn makes it nearly impossible to “sharpen’ all college basketball odds and lines.

Taking time to research and study games from these oft-neglected teams and conferences can easily lead to good winners and profits.

Pro Sports

Away from college sports, we have a number of less-popular Pro Sports that also come with good sportsbetting opportunities. The WNBA is the first name that comes to mind here. Unlike the NBA that is extremely popular with household names from big and small teams alike, the WNBA garners very little interest from the betting public. One reason behind the lack of popularity in the WNBA is the few teams involved in it, combined with less PR and marketing campaigns to popularize the sport. Paying attention to the dozen of teams in the NBA and how they tend to play against each other is an avenue worthy of being exploited.

Other sports such as NASCAR, Formula One, Golf, and—to some extent—PGA Tennis also rank in this category of Pro Sports that can prove reward-full. Of course, you must be ready to go down and dirty in the trenches to unearth the golden players and athletes, along with the dividends that come with them in the sports betting lines.