Using Stats, Trends and Other Statistical Betting Tools in Sports Betting

Using Stats, Trends and Other Statistical Betting Tools

Over the last couple of decades, the use of innovative online sports betting software, statistical systems and betting trends have become an unavoidable requirement for bettors looking to make smarter bets. You don’t have to be to be a statistician or a mathematics guru to benefit from the sportsbetting tips detailed below; all you need is to have an open mind and be ready to gain new ideas about how stats and trends influence sports betting, and then finding a way to assimilate the simple insights below into your betting strategies, online or otherwise.

How to Use Stats, Trends and Other Statistical Betting Tools

Monitoring and Evaluation

Through sports betting trends and statistics, you can easily monitor several crucial things like line movements, teams the public is betting on, or who the sharps are pounding in the betting boards. Additionally, having a good source for trends and statistics helps in keeping you informed about real-time odds (during live betting), the importance of betting percentages or key injuries that are likely to influence games. At the end of games, the stats like possessions or number of goals/points allow you to have an evaluation-based knowledge of team’s strengths and weaknesses, which in turn help in planning for future bets on such teams.

Creating Betting Systems

One of the best ways to use statistics in sports is to create your own betting systems. When you have an access to a massive database of betting information, team statistics, market data and more of such stats-oriented info; you can easily build data-driven sports betting systems in minutes and customize them to fit your betting needs. For example, by having data on teams OVER and UNDER performances in the NFL, you can study the trends and then build a system that will guide you on the teams to fade or back in given circumstances like the start of the season, on the road, after a bye week, or even in the playoffs.

Making Picks

Statistics, especially betting trends, can also be used to pick profitable plays. This is a very common practice among bettors and its relevance is limitless, virtually applicable to any sports event. For example, if one team has won its last 10 straight games and is playing another team that has won just two of its last 10 games, the handicapping angle here would be that the team with 10 straight wins is more likely to win the game than the one that is 2-of- 10, unless there is really a huge contributing factor that stands to reason against the in-form team.

#NOTE: As detailed above, traditional handicapping in sports heavily relies on statistics and past performances of the teams and players. But there are many other factors that should be taken into consideration for better handicapping, including weather patterns, coaching, injuries, suspensions, momentum, rest (off-days), travels, and home vs. away advantages, among others.