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Betting on Draws

In online sportsbetting, most bettors tend to gravitate towards placing bets on winners and losers, with the draw option being a rarely used strategy. The reason for this is that it’s usually quite hard to predict draws, and that’s the reason why bookies offer pretty high odds on draw bets. Interestingly, though, is the fact that draw results are fairly very common, especially in soccer betting. Developing a good strategy (or strategies) to bet on draws can therefore be a magnificent way to increase your earnings very quickly. In this article, we will be discussing some betting tips you can use or consider when betting on games to end with draws.

Why Betting on Draws?

Tips for Betting on Draws

Every so often, you will come across teams that look evenly matched, which often leads to draw results. By evenly matched, we mean ratings based on statistics such as current standings in the league, number of points/goals scored per game or even number of points/goals conceded per game. Being evenly matched can also mean a case where we have a home team that is considered slightly weaker than the road team. Generally, playing at home gives a certain edge to the home teams, which often makes up for the perceived weakness in the team and “evens out” the matchup.

The other aspect of draw selection is finding those teams that have a high percentage of draws in their past games or simply have the tendency of drawing against each other.

Researchers have also found that weak and low-scoring teams have a high propensity for finishing with draws. The reasoning here is that such teams are often lethargic in front of goal or they tend to play too conservatively, which leads to results such as 0-0 or 1-1 in soccer matches.

Mitigating Risks in Draw Bets

One of the commonly used betting strategies when thinking of mitigating risks in draw betting is to wager on an even number of goals/points. The logic here is that, if a game ends with a draw, the total number of goals/points in a game will be an even number. The odds for even goals/points aren’t as high as in draw result (typically ranging between 1.85 and 1.95), but betting on such allows you to mitigate the risk that comes with games that don’t necessarily end in draws but total to an even number of goals or points. The other advantage of this strategy is that when a match finishes 0-0, bookies recognize this as a draw also, hence allowing you to cash in on the bet.


It takes considerable knowledge to master the art of betting on draws. And whereas selecting the right team or league is important in draw betting, it is also crucial to remember that sometimes you success on draw bets comes down to pure instinct and luck. So, while establishing a betting system is key, always have room for eventualities and be ready to adjust your strategies in accordance with the variance in different games and leagues.