Dealing With Sports Betting Losing Streaks

Dealing With Sports Betting Losing Streaks

When a professional sports team goes on a long losing streak, it can ruin their season — especially in football where the seasons are so short. You simply can’t afford to lose several games in a row and hope to make the NFL playoffs or the College Football Playoff. But a losing streak with your sports bets don’t have to ruin your season. Sports handicapping isn’t an exact science. No matter how much homework you do, a losing streak is going to happen. It’s that simple. There’s a reason an online sportsbook is in business: the house eventually wins.

Taking a Closer Look on Dealing With Sports Betting Losing Streaks

I feel confident in my betting system. In baseball, for example, I go with the better starting pitcher if a matchup is even otherwise. I don’t care if it’s home or away, although obviously I prefer betting on home teams in any sport — especially baseball because the home team can always win the game in the bottom of the ninth inning (or extra innings) without giving the opposition a chance to tie it. But perhaps you are a superstitious person. Nothing wrong with that. Many professional athletes are superstitious. There are things they won’t do (sex is one) during a hot hitting streak. They might not change clothes during a hot streak at the plate. I believe it’s OK to go out of your comfort zone once in a while to shake up a losing streak. It’s always good to look at games from a different angle occasionally.

The worst thing you can do is to try and make up your losses all at once — chasing losses. During a sports betting losing streak, you might not be thinking too clearly and a bit desperate to make up that lost bankroll. By increasing your stakes or amount of bets, you’ve decided to chase your losses. Too many times players will reach for a game that perhaps they haven’t done enough research on simply to end the day on a winning note.

A good example in college football is the University of Hawaii. It’s not a good program right now but Hawaii games get a ton of action when the team plays at home as it’s always the final game on the schedule each Saturday because of the time zone in Hawaii. Too often, desperate players on a losing streak on a college football betting Saturday will drop a ton of money on a Hawaii game simply to stop that streak before an NFL Sunday. Don’t do that. If you normally don’t bet Hawaii and haven’t researched them or their opponent, your odds to win aren’t good.

It’s more important to see the big picture in sports betting. Don’t exacerbate your losses with a silly bet. Consider the whole football season, for example, as your betting season — not just one week of losing or winning. Stay sensible with your bets. Don’t start wildly adding games in hopes of a big win to recap lost money. Just accept a losing streak as a part of betting life and don’t overreact. If you think a losing streak won’t happen, you are going to be in for a shock at some point. You stand a much better chance of dealing with bad runs well if they don’t come as a surprise. They happen to even the sharpest bettors.