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Are Winning Streaks in Sports Betting Real?

Every team, good or bad as they may be, has to endure some sort of winning or losing streak in the sports betting lines. The same trends hold true for sports bettors who, sooner or later, equally have to deal with hot and cold betting streaks. This is all down to life’s proclivity for the unexpected, meaning that winning can never be guaranteed even to those with the best of winning streaks in the online sportsbook scene or normal betting scenarios.

But are winning streaks for real in sports betting, or are they just some made-up fairy tales meant to motivate bettors towards hoping for wins even when things aren’t going well for them? Well, to answer that, we will consider a few possible explanations and take a look at how to deal with the streaks, if they do exist, that is.

The Reality About Winning Streaks in Betting

Simply put, winning streaks are defined by the ability to avoid losing over a given period of time. From individuals like Floyd Mayweather and Novak Djokovic to teams like the Golden State Warriors and Barcelona FC, consistent winning calls for a persistent will to win and commitment towards wanting to be the best. So, yes, winning streaks exist and they are for real. And the best part is that the streaks aren’t limited to teams and certain individuals, but to bettors as well. If you are ardent sports bettor, then you must be familiar with the name Billy Walters, a man credited as the most successful bettor to have ever graced the world of sports betting with his incredible ability to go on long winning streaks and mint millions of dollars per year through sports gambling.

And if the story of Walters isn’t believable enough for you, then maybe you may want to hear what scientists have to say. Researchers from University College London (UCL) found out that winning streaks are real, and the more you win, the more you are likely to develop a good formula (and be encouraged) to win future. Several studies have similarly come up to assert the same viewpoint. These studies have, however, gone further to reveal that winning streaks are determined by more than just one being skilled, as is shortly explained below.

Talent and Skill is Important in Winning Streaks, But so Is Luck

Looking at a sport like Tennis, for example, you find that there are many talented players. But why is it that players like Djokovic, Andy Murray and Roger Federer dominate the sport with impressive winning streaks? The truth is that, besides being talented and skilled in the sport of Tennis, winning also calls for other unjustifiable elements like luck. Yes, Luck… Like a lucky throw of the dice or a lucky buzzer-beating basket at the end of the game. Similarly, sportsbetting enthusiasts need to be skilled about the art of making winning in their bets, but luck is just as important for one to count profits at the end of the day.

How to Maintain Winning Streaks

When you are any good run, it is important that you keep your head straight so that your judgment isn’t skewed in future bets, especially in regards to overestimating your chances of continuing to win. To do so, you need to avoid being cocky and feeling like an invincible genius—overconfidence is the sole reason many people tend to make very bad betting decisions after enjoying some good runs.

Also, if you have a winning formula, stick to it, until things change. Don’t change your approach, unless it is very necessary for you to do so. As you betting bankroll continues to expand and you witness sustained success over a given time, you can logically increase your bets to take advantage of the profitability. The key word here is LOGICALLY; don’t push your luck too far.

Finally, remember that, however good a run you are having, any streaks—good or bad—eventually come to an end. And on top of everything, keep in mind that, although long term sportsbetting success is about good handicapping, good money management and learning the tricks of the trade, chance is just as important as anything else, so have fun and don’t beat yourself too much if your good handicapping skills and talent don’t work.