Reverse Bets Explained

Reverse Bets Explained

If you are punter who is looking to limit exposure to losses while expanding the possibilities of winning wagers through “IF” combinations, then you certainly need to consider applying reverse bets in your online betting endeavors.

By definition, a reverse bet is more-or-less a fancy name for a double action IF wagers, where the betting action goes in both forward and reverse order.

Reverse Bets Explained


Example of Reverse Bet

Consider a case where there are two NFL games on a betting board that we are interested in–The New York Giants (-4) vs. the New York Jets (+4) and the New Orleans Saints (-3) vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+3). Now, supposedly we wanted to bet on the Jets (+4) and the Saints (-3) in a $100 2-team parlay, the payout would be $264.64 if both teams are successful, or we’d lose the full $100 stake if we either or both selections are unsuccessful. Rather than take that risk, we can instead decide to place a reverse bet as follows:

  • Bet #1 Jets (+4, -110) $50 to win $45.4545.
  • If win, push, tie, or cancelled –Then: Saints (-3, -110) $50 to win $45.4545
  • Bet #2 Saints (-3, -110) $50 to win $45.4545.
  • If win, push, tie, or cancelled – Then: Jets (+4, -110) $50 to win $45.4545

With the two bets above placed together on the same ticket using the reverse bet wagering option, you minimize the chances of loss on both sides using the “double if bet” while encouraging the chances of better profitability if things don’t go according to plan on either side.

As per the above example, these would be the potential outcomes of the betting ticket:

  • If both teams lose, you would lose your $100 stake
  • If both teams win, you would win $45.4545 four times (totaling to +$181.82)
  • If one team wins and the other one loses, you would win $45.45. But also, since you moved your $50 return of stake to the team that lost (adding $50 stake on that also lost), the calculations would be as follows: (+$45.45) + (-$50) + (-$50) = -$54.55.

Should You Use or Avoid Reverse Bets

Getting the hang of the reverse bet strategy requires you to apply it a couple of times; that’s the only way you’d be able to understand it better. As a recreational bettor looking for an online betting play that will result in the lowest expected loss over the long haul, reverse bet would definitely be the way to go, as it offers better ‘immunity’ to losses than a parlay. However, if you are looking for a big payout on a relative stake (but with bigger risks), then a parlay would probably be better for you.

In the end, it all comes down to weighing the risks vs. rewards and finding a balance, depending on the selections and betting options at your disposal. For any further questions or explanations on the reverse betting strategy, feel free to contact us and we’ll be more than happy to assist you.