Reduced Juice Betting Explained

Reduced Juice Betting Explained

What if we told you that, instead of paying for the standard juice offered by most sportsbooks at 10 percent vig (equivalent to the betting value of -110), you can get a subsidized vig, vigorish or juice on each bet? That’s the exact benefit that comes with concept of reduced juice betting.

Thanks to the evolution of online sportsbook betting and the increasing competition amongst sportsbooks, some bookies resolve to offer bets with reduced juice on certain bets. Below is an example of a standard bet in the NFL and one with a reduced bet.

Reduced Juice Betting Explained


Standard Juice Betting

New England Patriots (-7), -110

New York Jets (+7), -110

Reduced Juice Bet

New England Patriots (-7), -107

New York Jets (+7), -107

Advantages of Juice Betting

Reduced betting is one of the simplest ways to get value for your bets, as the reduced juice means less risk and more profit for each bet. Regular use of reduced juice betting can drastically increase your winnings.

Unlike standard juice (-110) where gamblers have to win 52.37 percent of their bets to break even, reduced juice bettors need just 51.67 percent wins to break even on a -107 bet, and 51.22% for -105.

Countless online sportsbooks offer fully licensed, reputable and safe options for placing reduced bets, especially in competitive sporting events. This means that you can access a reduced bet on nearly any day. Of course, this is not usually the case for all sportsbooks, but with thousands of sportsbooks specializing on this type of betting, you can never go wrong with signing with another bookie.

Compared to some bonus offers and special discounts that are often come with certain tags, reduced juice betting is not limited in scope, often offering far superior savings and discounts than the standard bonus.