MAR 29 - All About Sweetheart Teasers The Good, Bad and Ugly

All About Sweetheart Teasers The Good, Bad and Ugly

While there’s nothing more that I like to do than make a value-packed teaser wager, you need to know that sweetheart teasers, which are also called monster teasers at many sportsbooks are not nearly as easy to cash in on and are basically designed to entice the hell out of you and far more often than not, pull your online betting bucks.

Sure, you can win a sweetheart teaser wager every now and then, but most likely not enough to cover the losses you will incur if you go around thinking you’re going to nail a $10,000 sweetheart teaser every week…or hell, every month for that matter.

Analyzing All About Sweetheart Teasers The Good, Bad and Ugly

A regular, standard teaser involves betting on anywhere from 2-20 teams and is a combination bet in which all bets must win for you to cash in. Pushes are handled differently at each sportsbook. Some books grade them as a loss and others “reduce” or remove that tie from the bet while other sportsbooks offer both options.

The teaser bet lets you add extra points to your spread, meaning if you like Miami Heat -6 at home against Pittsburgh and Settle -9 at Jacksonville, you can move both lines to make Miami +1 and Seattle -2. Of course, both wagers must win for you to cash in. Of course, if you’re making a teaser bet, line shopping becomes of the utmost importance.

What is Sweetheart Teaser?

Here are three different examples of three different sweetheart teaser prices as well as rules regarding ties:

Book 1: 10 point three team teasers at -110 (Ties Lose)

Book 2: 10 point three team teasers at -120 (Ties Reduce)

Book 3: 10 point three team teasers at -120 (Ties Lose)

As you can see, it’s important to find a sportsbook with favorable rules. In this example, you can rule out Book 3 because Book 1 offers the same rules regarding ties but lower juice. Now, looking at Books 1 and book 2, the wager becomes simple since games don’t generally end in tie often enough to offset this higher juice, so Book 1 is the best bet.

One of the main differences between a regular teaser bet and a sweetheart teaser is that sportsbooks don’t generally offer a two-team sweetheart teaser. By adding one extra wager, the possibility increases that you will lose your wager. Remember, as you increase the number of teams and wagers, both, the juice – and your chance of losing – increase and often exponentially. However, the number of points you get to add to your teaser bets will also increase.

In 3-team 10-point teaser offered at -110 each wager needs to win 80.6% of the time for you to break even. Let’s say you make a six-team, 21-point teaser offered at the standard -350. The break-even figure for each wager is a mind-boggling 95.9 percent. Remember to keep your sweetheart teasers as simple and as short as possible and this will increase your chances of cashing in consistently on one of the hardest wagers to nail in all of sports betting.