MAY 10 - How To Choose A Betting Strategy Based On Your Favorite Sport

Choosing A Betting Strategy Based On Your Favorite Sport

Do you like to wager on multiple sporting events? Have you developed a specific betting strategy for each particular sporting genre or do you use the same system for every sport? No matter your answers to the aforementioned queries, you need to know that choosing a online betting strategy based on your favorite sports is of the utmost importance. Now, let’s look at some ways on how you can maximize your chances of cashing in by choosing the right betting strategy for your favorite sport.

Choosing A Betting Strategy Based On Your Favorite Sport



I love the timeless baseball axiom that says ‘good pitching beat good hitting almost every day of the week’ and I often employ this betting strategy with great results that generally leave me cashing in at around 60.0 percent. Of course, there are several other factors that come into play like bullpen quality, streaking team and red-hot hitter, but generally, if you stick to the ‘good pitching, beats good hitting’ strategy for baseball, you’ll cash in far more often than not.


While betting on college football and the NFL can be a bit different because of graduations and things like recruiting classes, there are also a bunch of similarities that will allow you to use nearly the same betting strategy for both football genres. One simple method is to decide which team has the better quarterback. The ‘better’ quarterback’ generally will beat the lesser quarterback far more often than not, although it must be aid that in some cases, like the New Orleans Saints and Drew Brees, a great quarterback clearly needs some help. Another excellent strategy to use when betting on football is to simple back the better defensive team to cover the spread. If you didn’t know, even in today’s high-scoring, pass-happy times, defense still wins championships and leads to a lot of covers – or maybe you missed the way New England shut down Atlanta’s powerful offense in Super Bowl 51 to get the comeback win.


If you’re betting on NBA basketball, more so than college hoops, stars win games, so you need to know that first and foremost. When it comes to betting on the NBA playoffs, you should know that series upsets rarely happen, mostly because of star power. Backing the team with the ‘better’ group of players will generally lead to a win an ATS cover, though this certainly isn’t always the case. Still, three stars usually beat two in the NBA and four will beat three, which is why the Golden State Warriors will win this season’s NBA championship. When it comes to college basketball, star power also helps win games, but not necessarily championships and it often can be an obstacle to ATS covers. For an example, look at the Kentucky Wildcats and their plethora of one-and-done future NBA performers. The Cats’ faced long odds all season and struggled to cover them because of their slew of McDonald’s high school All-Americans. Their wealth of talent also didn’t lead to a national championship, so there’s that as well. If you’re betting on college hoops, one of your first strategies should be to identify the better coach and better defensive ballclub – while also not totally forgetting about a bit of star power.


If you’re betting on NHL ice action, then one of the best age-old betting strategies is to simply ride the hot goalie like you’re in the Kentucky Derby. Remember when Patrick Roy and Martin Brodeur were routinely shutting down even the most explosive teams in the NHL? Today, the strategy of backing a ‘stonewalling’ goaltender still works quite well, even if guy like Sidney Crosby and Patrick Kane dominate the headlines because of their scoring prowess. So, there you have it, some simple betting strategies for the four major North American sports.