How To Make Money With Matched Sportsbetting

Sportsbetting is one of the easiest and most proven ways of making good money in a quick and sustainable way. And this where matched betting comes in handy as a sweet tool to be exploited by both new and season sports bettors. Unlike normal gambling where the gambler often ends up with losses, matched bettors can always be winners. The trick in matched betting is that any given better can take advantage of free bets and bonuses made available by bookmakers on any given day or time.

Among the benefits of taking part in matched betting is that you can make what would amount to a very good salary while working less hours. Also, the profit you make does not depend on the match results, as money is guaranteed no matter which team wins. And the best part is that you can start with as little as $50 and turn it into $500 within a few weeks. Simply put, matched bets come with few risks, but with the possibilities of immense returns.

Before you can start making your matched bets, here are a few very important issues you need to know or understand in order to make the most of your matched betting endeavors:

Free Bets


Free bets are an additional amount that a bookmaker gives a bettor as a means of promotion. For instance, if a bettor invests $30, the bookmaker can give $30 free on top. A bettor cannot withdraw this amount but must invest it. Some free bets and bonuses depend on the currency a bettor uses when investing.

Betting Exchanges


Without Betting Exchanges, probably there would be no way of extracting bookmakers’ free bets and bonuses. Traditional bookmakers only allow bettors to place bets on selections for them to win. If a bettor wins, they only pay the winning. Betting exchange comes in to allow bettors to also place lay bets. These are bets against a selection that wins, incase the first selection does not win.

Free Bets vs. Bonuses


These two terms are at times used interchangeably, but they are different in a number of ways, as is explained below:

• Free bets: also know as stake not returned free bets.They do not include their stakes in potential returns. For instance a $25 free bet, placed at odds of 2.0 can only return $25 since its stakes are not included in the winning.

• Bonuses: also known as stake returned, cash bonuses or deposit bonuses. They include their stakes in potential winnings. These have minimal wagering (rollover) before a bettor can withdraw them. Although bonuses may seem to bring more returns, it is advisable to begin with the free bets, especially in case where a bettor has small bankrolls.

How to extract an SNR Free Bet


If for instance, a bettor place a bet and his account is credited with $10, the bettor must find a selection that has similar odds, on for instance on For instance, if a match between Chelsea and Liverpool has the odds of 4.0 on both for the game to end in a draw, the bettor places his $10 free bet. If the draw occurs, the bet brings $30 and the stake is not included. If either team wins, the bettor loses nothing since he is not betting with his own money, so it’s still a worthy risk.

How to extract an SR Bonus


In this case, the bettor also needs to find a selection with similar odds on different sites. But he must consider that these require minimum rollovers before they can be withdrawn. Mostly, they are three to six times the amount of bonuses, but there are cases with exceptions. It is important to know what the rollover amount is before signing up. Just like free bets, bonuses are cashed by placing back bets with a bookmaker, while placing lay bets on your parent betting site on the same selection.

The Perfect Odds


If for example the back odds on a selection on the bookmaker are lower than lay odds on your parent betting site, yet the selection is the same, the back and lay bets will leads to a loss. On the other hand, matched betting with back odds that have greater values than lay odds will ensure profits, even with no free bets or bonuses. In short, it all a matter of assessing odds and values and judging which betting opportunities offer you a chance for profits through matched betting. On a first-read, it may sound tedious, but with time, practice and more reading, it can be an invaluable betting strategy to help you rack up good money.