Despite playing on the road, the Pittsburgh Steelers are the NFL Betting favorites against the Ravens.

Betting Strategies On How To Dig Yourself Out Of Wagering Hole

It doesn’t matter if you’re currently in a betting hole or you’re wisely looking to avoid getting into one altogether, you need some expert betting tips on how to do just that. Thanks to years of experience in the sports betting industry, I’ve got a multitude of sage betting tips that will help you either get off the hole you’re currently in or avoid getting into one in the first place.

Betting Strategies On How To Dig Yourself Out Of Wagering Hole

Narrow Your Focus

Narrowing your focus means that each week, if you’re betting on NFL football, you need to narrow your betting selections on the handful of best value matchups on the schedule as opposed to going into the week thinking about making 10 bets every weekend.

For instance, let’s say you think the Pittsburgh Steelers are looking really good as 9-point home favorites against a Buffalo Bills team that got pounded the week before and you also like the Miami Dolphins as 5-point road dogs against a Chargers team that has looked mediocre through six weeks.

Well, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that you probably want to play one or both of these matchups instead of taking the Patriots as gazillion point favorites against a mediocre Ravens squad that somehow keeps managing to cover the spread, even in losses.

Every week, look for your top three, or maybe four games you feel really good about and then play them individually, as part of a parlay or teaser. It’s a simple way to maximize your chances of cashing in while also limiting the amount you can lose to a certain extent. Just think, winning two of three or three of four wagers every weekend is a lot better than going 5-6 over a whopping 11 weekend bets.

  You Better Shop Around! 

You Better Shop Around!

I’ll just be blunt and say that, if you’re not line shopping, then you’re not doing your job as a sports bettor. I mean, why would anyone want to pay more money or get worse odds for a wager they can get at a lower price or better odds? Duh.

Let’s say you’re going to bet on the Golden State Warriors as 8-point road favorites at Utah at -120, well why would you make that wager when you can get the Dubs at 7.5 or -110? It’s simple math people, or at least what passes for it. Line shop till you drop if you want to get out of a betting hole or avoid getting into one altogether.

Manage that Money!

Look, not every sports bettor drives around in a Lamborghini or lives in a million dollar villa (ha, I wish!). The fact of the matter is that, more often than not, no matter how much money you may or may not have, you’ve got to manage it by setting a bankroll for yourself. More importantly, once you set a realistic bankroll, you’ve got to stick to it.

Many times when bettors fall into a small hole, they exacerbate the problem by making even more – and generally awful – wagers that only make the hole deeper. Set a certain amount of money aside for the sole purpose of it being your betting bankroll, whether that’s on a weekly, monthly or hell, daily basis.

When combined with narrowing your betting selections and shopping around, managing your bankroll, in addition to both.