Gambling on TV, Music and Films

Gambling on TV, Music and Films

Barely a decade ago, gambling on TV shows, Music, Films and other entertainment categories was more of a recreational form of betting reserved for a few entertainment betting enthusiasts. Fast forward to 2016, the entertainment betting industry has blossomed to rich business that attracts millions of punters across the world, especially in the US where we have a vibrant showbiz market. In the following article, we will take you through some of the key aspects of entertainment betting, including some of the bets you are likely to come across in your sportsbooks.

Gambling on TV, Music and Films

Overview of Gambling on Entertainment Bets

Initially, the scripting of shows and the fact that most entertainment events were based on certain books and past shows meant that the public was able to decipher storylines and make easy predictions. This, in essence, is the reason why there weren’t many TV and Film odds in the past. However, over the recent times, there has been an upsurge or new reality-based shows and abstract-concept entertainments, meaning the betting public (and script writers, the actors, actresses and even the crew) no longer know how certain storylines will unfold. With that, entertainment betting has seen an uptick across the world. Meanwhile, entertainment forms such as radio and music continue to be wildly unpredictable, offering a constant source of market for sportsbooks and bettors to antagonize each other in the entertainment lines.

Types of Entertainment Bets

Popular television reality shows such as Big Brother House, American Idol, America’s Got Talent and Keeping with the Kardashians attract the highest number of bets in the entertainment industry. There is however more to the industry than just these reality shows, with TV series such as Game of Thrones, House, Breaking Bad becoming increasingly popular, with bettors engaged in predictions such as who will be killed in an episode. Outside such bets, entertainment bets can also come in the form of predictions about award ceremonies for best actors, actresses, script writers, producers and film in a given year. The Oscars is a perfect example of a popular TV and Film award ceremony. The music industry also features a lot of such award ceremonies with predictions about best albums, best male singer, best female singer, best rap group and best pop group, among others. Examples here include the BET Awards and the Grammys Awards.

Final Betting Remarks

Apart from TV, Film, Radio and Music bets, the entertainment betting industry also occasionally features many other bet-friendly options such as the Nobel Prize Awards and Sports Personality of the Year award in the UK. Some sportsbooks go as far as having novelty bets such as how long a celebrity relationship or marriage will last. Using you discretion, you can therefore find engaging ways of enjoying these forms of entertainment while gambling on them as well.