Do's and Don'ts of Live Betting

Do’s and Don’ts of Live Betting

If you are interested in becoming part of the millions of people across the world that are reaping mega profits from live betting, there are certain do’s and don’ts that you will need to keep in mind before placing your wager. To play professionally and avoid the pitfalls of live betting, ensure that you consider the following elemental tips.

Do’s and Don’ts of Live Betting


What is Live Betting?

Basically, live betting refers to bets on evolving lines during a game in play. This can be on a wide range of live props such as outcome of the next play in an on-going game or the next series of plays in a quarter, half or the whole game itself. The biggest advantage of live betting is that you can bet on action in one minute and two minutes later, the action is resolved leading to quick profits.

Do’s of Live Betting

Do Trust Your Instincts

Live betting is about developing a strategy just in the same way it is about luck and gut feelings. And given the fact that you don’t get to have the liberty of pondering your decisions for a long term, learn to trust your instincts, especially if your gut feelings are well-founded.

Do Your Research

Prior to the game or during the half-time of an encounter, read about the game and gather the relevant statistics and numbers needed to make a well-informed decision. Having trends about players or teams at your fingertips will make it easy for you to make good live betting decisions.

Do Make Your Bets in a Timely Way

Given the evolving nature of odds and lines in live betting, you need to make timely decisions and quick bets to avoid losing your advantage. The difference between a winning and losing bet can be a few seconds and late bets are never accepted, so be very swift with your live betting decisions.

Don’ts of Live Betting

Don’t Bet Your Entire Bankroll

Tempting as it is to wager your entire bankroll on one bet because you have a strong gut feeling, don’t do it. If you do that and lose the bet, it rids you of the money that you could have used on another live betting event to recoup your losses. Always having some money stashed back will allow you some flexibility to see how your bets unfold and offer you a chance to either cover your losses or double up your winnings.

Don’t Get Carried Away with Your Winnings or Losses

It is okay to be happy about winning and wanting to push your live betting luck when you are on a roll. It is not okay to dump too much money on any given bet just because you want to ride your luck. Similarly, it is okay to feel bad about losing and wanting to make quick amends by betting on another event. It is, however, not okay to keep on chasing your losses because you will lose big money in the process. In short, have a good money management strategy that is able to control your live betting endeavors, whether you are winning or losing.