Live Betting

Optimal Strategy for Live Betting Odds

From obvious lines like next player to score or next team to score to obscure ones like first player to foul out, in-play betting has opened a whole new world of sportsbetting for punters to enjoy. Gone are the days when you had to be locked out from betting on a 6:00 PM game just because you placed your wager at 6:02 PM. And if you are a fan of live betting, count this as your lucky day as we will be talking you through how to get the biggest profit for your live bets.

Optimal Strategy for Live Betting Odds

#1 Timeliness and Patience

Live betting offers multiple advantages, however, good timing, patience and confidence are three of the most crucial factors to consider when planning for you in-play betting. Just because a team starts the game slowly doesn’t mean it won’t be able to heat up as the game progresses. Similarly, just because a team starts strongly doesn’t mean it will keep up the intensity to the very end. Keeping that in mind, all you have to do is to study how your team is playing and the game’s odds, and once the momentum or price looks right, place your bet.

Remember that bookmakers will—most of the time—be ahead of you, so the faster you make your decisions, the better. The bookies will be watching the game just like you, most probably on a game feed that is a second or two quicker than your home TV. So, for example, if your team gets a penalty in a soccer game, don’t be fooled into thinking you will be able to jump into the lines to bet on the first goal scorer in the game; your bookie will beat you to it and adjust the lines accordingly. When studying the game, you must therefore be ready to think on your feet and anticipate what is going to happen way before the bookies do the same.

#2 Bet Smart and Play Safe

Needless to say, you must understand the market you intend to be on and keep your stakes in line with what you would probably have wanted to do before kick-off. This way, live betting acts as yardstick to measure whether you are right or not in your pre-game predictions, and if things go abysmally wrong, you can opt otherwise with your money in the betting lines.

Of course, confidence is a big factor to success in live betting, but that doesn’t warrant you to jump on an uncalculated wild bet simply because you have a hunch. Like they say, you are better safe than sorry. So, rather than over-estimate your team’s potential and get disappointed if they don’t deliver, find a safe bet and stick go for it. For example, you team may be favored to win an NBA game by 10 points against an in-form opponent that may screw up the betting odds. To avoid messing up, you can bet on your team to win by around fewer points just in case things don’t work perfectly in your team’s favor, especially if your team is evidently struggling based on what you see on your TV.