Live Betting Tips & Strategies

Live In-Game Tips & Strategies

If you like making live, in-game, betting wagers and you’re in need of some expert tips to help you maximize your chances of consistently cashing in on games already underway, then consider your ticket punched. I’ve got a handful of expert live sports betting tips that will help you make the most out of your live, in-game betting bucks. Now, let’s rock and roll.

Live In-Game Tips & Strategies

Watch the Game…Duh!

You’d never believe it but a lot of online sports betting enthusiasts will make live, in- game bets – without ever watching the game they’re betting on. To put it succinctly, this is a sue-fire way to make losing live betting wagers.

For example, let’s say you’re looking at some live odds on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. the New Orleans Saints and the Bucs opened the game as a 3-point home fave, but are trailing by a touchdown late in the third quarter and now you believe that the Bucs are going down against Drew Brees and the offensively-explosive Saints so you throw some live betting money on New Orleans without ever knowing how Tampa Bay got down in the first place because you didn’t watch the game.

Let’s say the Saints weren’t playing very well, but got two super fortunate turnovers leading to points and you see the score and believe that New Orleans is actually outplaying their NFC South division rivals, when in reality, they actually aren’t.

Now, Tampa Bay turns it on in the fourth quarter and gets a turnover of their own from the Saints while taking a narrow 28-24 lead into the closing seconds. Well, based on the fact that you didn’t watch the game but you believed the Saints were outplaying the Buccaneers, you made a bad wager based solely on a score you may have seen online or by glancing at the scoreboard on television.

Always, always, watch the game you’re making a live betting wager on because then you’ll really know what’s going on. It’s that simple.

Don’t Chase Early Losses

If you’re making live bets then one of the main things you don’t want to do is to chase early losses by throwing more money on what you refuse to believe is a losing pick. Or example, let’s say you bet on Isaiah Thomas and the Boston Celtics to beat LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers at home as a slight favorites, but the C’s are trailing by 15 points at the half while being almost completely dominated.

If you’re still hoping and believing that your pick on Boston can still come through for you, that’s all fine and well, but throwing more money on the Celtics to come roaring back from their halftime deficit probably isn’t very wise for one huge reason – the Celtics were totally dominated in the first half.

Sometimes bettors can’t see what is right in front of them. Don’t let this be the case for you. As Kenny Rogers once sang, you’ve got to know when to hold ‘em and know when to fold ‘em.

Bet Heavy Faves Trailing

While I just gave you a huge tip on not chasing losses, there is another live betting theory that says betting on heavy favorites that are trailing is a good strategy. Think about betting on the New England Patriots as a 14-point home favorite against the Buffalo Bills at -250.

Imagine New England is somehow trailing the Bills 24-14 at the midway point of the third quarter and now Tom Brady and company can be had as a -120 pick to come backand beat the Bills.

Well, the prevailing theory is that heavy favorites will get their act together to ultimately get the win, meaning if you bet on them at a much lower cost because they were trailing, you’ve got a great chance to increase your earnings.

Of course this goes back to my initial tip of watching the game closely. If you’re not watching and you don’t know that the Bills got their lead via a couple of lucky bounces, you may not be inclined to bet on New England in the third quarter, thereby missing your chance to cash in when hey come back to win.

Manage that Bankroll

If you’re making live sports bets then the main thing you need to do is to manage your betting bankroll like you life depended on it. Making ill-advised live bets is one way to lose a ton in a hurry. Be smart with your live betting selections and your betting bankroll an you’re more likely to end up turning what was once a frown, upside down.