The Advantages of Live Betting

Thanks to the advent of the internet, the world of sportsbetting has taken off to a whole other stratosphere, especially for fans of online betting. One of the most interesting developments in the internet age is the introduction of live betting, also known as in-play or in-running betting.

The general principle behind live betting is that you can place your bets on any sportsbetting event once the game or event has started. Obvious examples here include American Football, soccer, cricket, basketball or even horse racing. Through in-play betting, sportsbetting enthusiasts have an array of opportunities to maximize profits in the betting lines. At MyBookie, we like to give a better understanding of the bets you can place on the site, so here are some tips to have a better use of live betting.

Advantages of Live Betting

Advantages of In-play or Live Betting

Opportunity to Access Additional Wagers: Live betting comes with a variety of betting options, some of which can never be asked in other forms of betting. For example, in basketball, you can bet on which team/player will score next in a particular quarter, something that is only unique to live betting.

First-hand Feel of the Event: Although prior research and reading of betting trends prior to the game is important, the exact circumstances in the game may be different, leading to skewed up predictions and outcomes. In-play betting helps you avoid such complications, as you have a feel of what is happening through the live action and momentum in a game, which makes your betting decision more informed.

Injury and Suspension Betting Angle in Live Bets: In a majority of sports, especially basketball and football, during-the-game suspensions and injury concerns can easily alter the course of the game. For example, is Stephen Curry suffers an injury in the first quarter of an NBA game for the Golden State Warriors, chances are that he won’t play efficiently or his team will struggle offensively without him. By taking notice of that, you can make an adjustment in your live betting wager on the game’s scoring total or the number of points that will be scored by Curry, something that could easily allow you catch your bookies off-guard while leading to good profits for you.

Live Betting Allows for Trade of Betting Position: Unlike the other forms of sports betting, in- play betting allows for bettors to change their betting positions during the game. For example, if you’ve backed Kansas City Chiefs to beat Houston Texans in the NFL and the Chiefs go up by two touchdowns, live betting allows you to lay off your stake at a shorter betting price, just to be sure or avoid huge losses.

Smart Hedging is Allowed: In the majority of sportsbooks, live betting provides some legal opportunities to place hedge bets and lock additional profits. For instance, if you supported a team to win by half time and they are leading by a huge margin by halftime, you could place a small wager on the opposing team to make some sort of comeback in the second half (probably at quite high odds), giving you an opportunity to win both ways.

Final Remarks on Live Betting

Live betting can be very lucrative and fun-filled, especially if you are good at making quick calculative decisions. As always, though, ensure that you have some prior research done on the teams or athletes in question in order to make logical choices rather than just jumping on wagers because they feel right.