Live Betting Strategies And Tips

Live Betting Strategies And Tips

Live betting has become a massive global sensation over the recent years, not only attracting millions of punters that purely love gambling for its profitability, but also sports enthusiasts that simply wager in sportsbooks for recreational purposes. Using the right strategies, live betting—also known as in-play betting and in-running betting—can be very profitable with limitless possibilities for the bettors. But what really are these right strategies? Well, given the vast nature of the market and the varying nature of different sports, we can’t cover all the strategies here, but we’ll do our best to highlight the top live odds betting approaches and tips in the section below.

Live Betting Strategies And Tips


Choosing Your Markets Wisely

Like any other type of betting, choosing the right market plays an important role towards your success. And with hundreds of sporting events offered at any given time, it is extremely important that your wagering choices are well-founded. One such proven methods of choosing your markets is to narrow down on a given sport or game that you are most familiar with. This way, you avoid betting on unfamiliar events or underestimating or overestimating the in-play odds in that given market.

The Value of Research

Once you know the niche or market you intend to bet on, it is very crucial—and advisable—that you dedicate sufficient time into learning about the players or teams involved in the matchup. Prior research on things like win-loss statistics, offense vs. defense trends, suspensions, injuries, team rosters, weather and even referees helps you to have a rough idea of what can be expected once the game starts. For example, an NFL team with a good backup quarterback means that the team is less likely to struggle if-and-when the starting quarterback is sidelined with an injury during a game.

The Art of Timing Your Bets

Live betting markets often change very quickly and various game actions—such as goals and bookings—can have huge impacts on the odds and game outcomes. To encourage profitability, you need to stay on top of everything and be ready to adjust your betting accordingly and in a timely way. Having a quick trigger finger and a fast-thinking brain is a must here if you are to have the edge over the bookies, as a split-second decision and reaction can be the difference between a winning and losing bet.

The Benefits of Watching a Game While Betting

Too much emotionality is never a good thing in live online betting or otherwise, considering your decisions can easily be ill-affected by your feelings towards a given player, team or even referee. Even so, watching a game while monitoring its live betting odds can be important if you put everything into professional perspective. The advantage here is that you will be able to judge things like momentum in a soccer game, hence being able to make a more informed decision about which team looks most likely to score a goal or win the game.

Avoiding Irrational Early and Late In-play Bets

It’s often tempting to bank on a team to score many goals when it has begun the game brightly just in the same way it is tempting to place a late-game bet hoping for a miracle. The problem, though, is that most teams come into games strongly hence play energetically before starting to tire as the game goes on. As for the final stages of games, teams that are in leading positions tend to drag down the clock or play defensively thus killing scoring opportunities. Then, of course, there are those instances that high-scoring games can result out of nothing, including a flurry of scored goals or points at the end of a game after a tame show for most of the match. So what is the way forward? Well, there is no singular solution to everything here, but as a general recommendation, you’d rather play safe than sorry, and the only way to do that is to base your decisions on rationalism.

Conclusion on Live Betting Strategies and Tops

Besides the above straightforward in-play strategies and tips, we have other strategies like middling and hedged in-play bets that require more professionalism. Fortunately, the power and decision to use such techniques—as well as those that have been detailed above—is in your hands. As long as you are comfortable, all you have to do is make a click and start enjoying the in-play profits.