NFL Arbitrage Betting Explained

NFL Arbitrage Betting Explained

Despite its extensive popularity in NFL betting, arbitrage remains to be one of the most divisive sports betting techniques among gamblers. Simply put, NFL arbitrage betting is a wagering technique that focuses on finding value in the difference in the price (odds) in the NFL betting boards, hence offering the punters minimum risk and the potential to make long-term and sustainable profits.

For newbies in the world of NFL betting or non-professionals that rarely scratch past the surface of basic or recreational betting, arbitrage can be an unfamiliar or somewhat difficult technique to grasp. That’s where this article coming in, as we will be giving a brief explanation of the NFL arbing process.

NFL Arbitrage Betting Explained


The Essentials of NFL Arbitrage Betting

In the NFL, arbitrage betting occurs when a bettor places simultaneous bets with different online betting companies on all possible outcomes of an NFL event at odds that guarantee profitability, irrespective of what the event’s results will be. These bets are commonly known as arbs, surebets, or miraclebets.

Arbs generally arise when different sportsbetting companies have alternative views on the outcomes of a given event, which leads to them offering different NFL odds to reflect the probabilities. This is often the case in events with no clear favorites or big events such as the Super Bowl, where the competitiveness among sportsbooks leads to differently priced odds. Should you find a situation where different bookies disagree by a large betting variance, NFL arbitrage calls for you to leverage your chances of making profits by locking in on the well-priced odds.

Advantages of NFL Arbitrage Betting

Usually, bookies set their prices such that you are guaranteed to lose some significant amount of money if you bet on each NFL outcome within an event at the same bookmaker.

For example, by backing the favorite to win and also the underdog to win in an NFL game, the bookie would definitely come out as victors, as only one side of the win/loss arbs will come true and get you paid. Not to forget, betting company usually include an overround in their pricing, which in turn gives them an edge, as the true odds of each NFL outcome is replaced with their own tailor-made odds. NFL arbitrage sorts this out as you can find an alternative view or ‘false odds” that offer loopholes for profitability.

You should understand that this does not necessarily mean that a favorite in one sportsbook will be an underdog in another, but rather that you are often likely to find difference in the odds that are on offer, and that’s where you can capitalize by comparing and finding the most profitable lines.

Arbitrage, especially in the instance where you bet on potentially profitable outcomes from different bookies, also helps in minimizing the risk that comes with betting on just one outcome that may be wrong and lead to losses.

Identifying NFL Arbitrage Opportunities

There are several betting calculators and software in existence to identify NFL arbitrage betting opportunities. If you really don’t have time or you are in need of a work-around to the rather lengthy process of shopping for profitable odds, you can opt for such software. The truth, though, is that you can never be too sure about the effectiveness of these software or bots, so you are better off identifying the opportunities using the manual method prescribed below.

  • Using a trusted odds comparison site such as OddsChecker, find an NFL event that offers two possible outcomes with some good variance in the odds.
  • Find the highest/best NFL odds available for each outcome from two different bookies.
  • Calculate whether the NFL odds represent solid arbitrage betting opportunities.
  • Once you find the solid arbitrage opportunities, calculate the individual stakes needed to bet with at each bookie.
  • Reconfirm the odds and ensure that you don’t overlook anything, and then if all is right, place each of the bets.

Final Remarks on NFL Arbitrage Betting

Though arbitrage isn’t necessarily illegal, some books are against it, more-or-less in the same way some bookmakers don’t allow hedging, which can lead to suspensions. The risk that comes with betting on different outcomes, especially in regards to draining your bankrolls, is also a concern. A word of caution is thus recommended when approaching NFL arbitrage betting. That being said, proper use of NFL arbitrage betting can be very profitable, so don’t shy away from trying it out.