How to Recognize and Handicap Key NFL Betting Numbers

Introduction to Margin Betting

Margin betting, also referred to as winning margin betting, is a form of wagering that entails predicting the number of points/goals a team/player will win with in a given game. To win the wager, the bettor has to select the correct margin of a win. The margin here can be a specific number (like two goals) or a broad range (like 10+ points), depending on the nature of the sport. Often times, margin betting is confused with point spread betting owing to the similarities, but winning margin betting is actually a distinct method, as it does not take into consideration which of the teams will win with the margin, but only the margin total itself.

Introduction to Margin Betting


How to Handicap Margin Betting

Since you don’t have to predict which team will win a game but only the margin they win with, margin betting is rather a simple type of bet that can be undertaken by just about anyone. All you need to handicap the margin totals in this type of bet is mostly past details about games between the two teams involved in a matchup, and then factor in other essentials such as current form, injuries, suspensions, and attacking vs. defending statistics. Given that different sports and results vary from game to game, your handicapping will not always be right, but with time, you will soon start noticing trends and tidbits of information from your betting actions, making it easy for you to make more accurate predictions for good profits. As a standout rule, be sure to research your teams very thoroughly before placing bets.

How to Find Sites for Margin Betting

Generally, margin betting is offered by nearly all of the major bookmakers, with the NFL, MLB, NBA and European Soccer being the major sports that feature plenty of margin betting action.