Winning Tips For NFL Postseason Value Betting

When the NFL calendar hits December, it is usually a signal that you should start preparing for the NFL playoffs. Typically, a lot can change between December and January when the playoffs begin, but the following NFL postseason betting tips should help you prepare to wager on the playoffs in a winningest way.

Analyzing The Winning Tips For NFL Postseason Value Betting


Be on the Lookout for Streaking Teams

A team entering the playoffs on good winning streak, especially against good teams, is usually a good sign for potential success in the postseason. The winning streak entering the playoffs not only helps builds confidence for the players and the coaches, but it also signifies that the team can handle its own when pitted against the best of the best in the playoffs. On the same vein, you should be conversely wary of teams that come into the playoffs on a losing streak, as it often means questionable capacity in regards to winning postseason games.

The Value of Momentum

Certain teams may not enter the NFL playoffs with definitive winning or losing streaks, but you can easily judge their momentum going by how they performed in the second half of the season, or the final month of the season. In this respect, good momentum has a way of carrying itself into the postseason games just in the same way bad momentum can affect a team’s performance. A keen assessment of team momentum is paramount for success in the NFL playoffs betting, particularly in games involving closely-matched opponents in the early rounds of the postseason.

Getting Value through Early NFL Playoffs Betting

It’s usually a bummer when you place a bet on a team to make the playoffs, win a conference title or even claim the Super Bowl, only for that team to totally miss out on the postseason action by not making the cut. But then again, there is the other side of the story that involves spotting the right horse and jumping on it early for maximum value. From the Ravens in the 2012 season to the Seahawks in 2013 to the underrated Broncos in 2015, the NFL betting history is full of teams that defied the odds to succeed in the playoffs. Being on the lookout for such teams and backing them early is guaranteed to bring you some good NFL postseason betting profits.

The Value of Home Field Advantage

Getting homefield advantage in the playoffs is arguably the best advantage a team can get in the NFL postseason games. Besides playing in familiar grounds, teams with homefield advantage enjoy unmatched support in their own backyards, which more-often-than-not translates into winning value for such teams.

The Value of First Round Bye

Like homefield advantage, having a first round bye means extra rest and only having to play two games before the Super Bowl, as opposed to Wild Card teams that barely get to rest after the regular season and have to play three games before the Super Bowl. What’s more, the first round bye is usually awarded to teams that won their respective division, which means that such teams not only get extra rest but they also get to play the Divisional Round of the playoffs at home. In essence, that’s the reason most wild card teams usually falter in the divisional round; something you should keep an eye out for when placing wagers in the NFL playoffs.

The Value of Trends, Experience, Coaching and Other Related Factors

Generally, having the most experienced players and the best coaches will encourage success more than 50 percent of the time in the playoffs. Having stronger trends and statistics to support you will even make things better. But at the end of the day, playing in the NFL playoffs is pretty much just like the regular season, where a missed call by the referees, an expected turnover, injury or suspension can change the entire predicament of a game. So while it is important to keep things like trends and statistics at the back of your mind, it is equally vital to key in a margin of error in your predictions. This way, you won’t get caught napping in case something unexpected happens prior to the playoffs or during the course of NFL postseason games.