7 Must Have Tips to Mastering 2019 March Madness Betting

7 Must Have Tips to Mastering 2019 March Madness Betting

The Selection Committee finishes their work for the 2019 NCAA Men’s College Basketball Tournament on March 18. By then, we’ll know which teams have garnered which seeds in the most awesome sports tournament of the year.

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Preparations must take place right now. Check out 7 tips to master March Madness betting!

7 Must Have Tips to Mastering 2019 March Madness Betting

Think about backing dogs against the spread

Just like most of us college hoops handicappers, it’s going to be difficult for oddsmakers to get a bead on some teams that make the tournament. Using stats will only take us so far, which means we should always lean towards taking points instead of laying points.

That doesn’t mean we don’t pound chalk against the spread…in certain games

Chalk, though, does better in the NCAA Tournament than many of us believe. 1-seeds often have great success in the first couple of rounds. We should consider putting money on the chalk to cover against the spread if that chalk qualifies.

Shooting percentage and shooting percentage allowed are the key stats to consider

When making a decision on which team to back against the spread, we most definitely must think about shooting percentage comparable to shooting percentage allowed. Current #2 Virginia is a perfect example of what to look for.

The Cavaliers allow 37.3% from the field and 26.9% from three. They shoot 48.2% from the field and 41.4% from three. UVA should cover in most every NCAA Tournament game because of their shooting percentage and shooting percentage allowed differential.

Be wary of putting too much emphasis on #5 vs #12

12-seeds upsetting 5-seeds on the moneyline is a legendary wager. It’s not as legendary as we might believe, though. The reason? Four #5 vs #12 matchups happen in round 1. At best, one of those matches will lead to a moneyline upset. In past seasons, 2 or 3 of those matches have led to moneyline upsets, yes, but when that’s happened its inflated the perception that it’s common place.

It takes time to find the right #5 vs #12 upset to wager on the moneyline. We might be served better by looking to wager on a #15 upsetting a #2, or just playing a dog , or favorite, we like against the spread.

Don’t ever pound chalk on the moneyline

It makes no sense to pound chalk on the moneyline in the first couple of rounds. The main reason is because the chalk’s odds to win straight up aren’t worth it. If you like the favorite against the dog, always lay the points in round 1 and round 2.

Name teams usually step it up in the NCAA Tournament

Name teams often step it up in the NCAA Tournament at least until the Sweet 16. That means, name teams will play over the weekend. Most of the time, name teams like Duke, Kansas, Michigan State, North Carolina, and Kentucky, make it to the Elite Eight.

Expect at least two of those teams listed above to make it to this year’s Elite Eight.

Only consider an College Basketball Championship Futures Bet on a Top 4-Seeded Team

Since 2015, Duke, North Carolina, and Villanova have won the NCAA Men’s College Basketball Championship. Connecticut upset things with a victory in 2014. However, we’ve got to go all the way back to 2003 to find an upset winner. That team, Syracuse, had the best player in the nation on their team, Carmelo Anthony. Even then, the Cuse wasn’t that big of an upset winner.

Although it’s nice to dream about an underdog winning the NCAA Tournament at massive odds, it doesn’t often happen. It almost never happens. The winner should be a 1-seed, 2-seed, 3-seed, or in rare cases, 4-seed. If you make a 2019 March Madness bet, make sure to not reach for a dog that really has no shot. Most likely, you’ll just be wasting money.

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