2020 NFL New England Patriots Season Analysis

2020 NFL New England Patriots Season Analysis

Written by on September 7, 2020

We are now just a matter of days away from the start of the season, which means that now might well be the best time to get in on the future bets in the NFL. Once teams start to pick up wins, you are going to see their odds shorten across the board, so now is when you are likely to get the best odds. We are going to look at all the teams in the league and talk about their chances of winning the division, conference, and Super Bowl, as well as looking at their win total for the year.  For the first time in many, many years, the New England Patriots are not coming into the season as the favorite to win the Super Bowl. How they adjust to life without Tom Brady remains to be seen, so let’s break down their NFL odds for this season.

New England Patriots Season Analysis | NFL Betting Predictions

Patriots Win Total (O/U 9)

You need to go all the way back to 2002 to find the last time that the Patriots did not have double-digit wins in a season. While this total may look like a no-brainer based on that, the reality is that neither Cam Newton nor Jarrett Stidham can replace Tom Brady, no matter how good they are this season. This is one of those wagers where I might adopt a wait and see attitude before dropping any money. There is a good chance we might be looking at a push here.

Patriots to Win the Division (+135)

The New England Patriots have won the AFC East in 11 straight seasons. The last time they failed to win was back in 2008, which was the year that Brady went out with a knee injury early in the season. We hate to keep harping on Brady, but the fact of the matter is that he has been the driving force in the Patriots putting together their division winning streak. The Bills are coming in as the favorites to win the East this year, so this should be an interesting battle. I am just not totally sold on the new look Patriots, but I also wouldn’t count them put completely.

Patriots to Win the Conference (+900)

It’s going to be a tougher road to the Super Bowl this year, simply because only 1 team in each conference gets an opening round bye. Teams with playoff experience might well thrive under these new conditions, but in the AFC, the Chiefs look as though they are going to be tough to break down. Yes, Cam Newton does have a trip to the Super Bowl on his resume, but overall, I don’t think this team is god enough to get past KC.

Patriots to Win the Super Bowl (+2500)

While the odds on the Patriots shortened when they picked up Cam Newton, they are still very much a dark horse in the AFC this season. When was the last time you can remember them coming into the season with their odds to win the Super Bowl set at +2500? I think it’s very much indicative of how far behind the Chiefs they, and everyone else, are right now.

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