Atlanta Falcons 2021 NFL Calendar Betting Predictions

Atlanta Falcons 2021 NFL Calendar Betting Predictions

Written by on May 31, 2021

Even before the new NFL season begins, we usually have a good idea of what to expect from teams. We will see surprises, but you can generally tell when the coming season is likely to be a long one for a given team. This is usually the case with teams who have been slumping for a while and who are in the early stages of a complete overhaul. You often see rebuild coming when a new head coach tales charge and tries to stop the rot as quickly as possible. That is what we are looking at with the Atlanta Falcons this coming season, but they look like a team that has some problems even now. Let’s take a closer look at the upcoming season for the Falcons so you start planning your bets against their NFL odds.

NFL Betting – Atlanta Falcons Calendar Odds & Analysis For the 2021-22 Season

The Falcons in 2020

While it may sound ridiculous, the reality is that the Falcons have never really been able to recover from squandering a 28-3 lead to the New England Patriots back in 2017. They missed the playoffs the season following the Super Bowl loss and have not really come close since. Another poor season in 2020 proved to be the end of the road for Dan Quinn, who was let go to make way for Arthur Smith. He has a job on his hands, but we will get to that in a minute.

It is probably more than fair to suggest that the Falcons have a long way to go to get back to the level they were at when they made it to the Super Bowl. They went 4-12 in 2020, finishing dead last in the NFC South and ending the season on a 5-game losing skid. Everyone knew that there were going to be changes to personnel and to the front office, but we may not have seen the last of that just yet.

Odds to Make the Playoffs and Win the Super Bowl

There have been a lot of rumors swirling in Atlanta from the moment that the regular season ended in 2020, which is not surprising when a new head coach is in charge. Word was that QB Matt Ryan was on the way out, but he remains in place. That will not be the case for Julio Jones, though, as the WR wants out, which could make things very difficult for Ryan and the Falcons when he is inevitably shipped out. The likelihood is that they will not get much in the way of starting help when the trade is made, as it will likely be draft picks coming to Atlanta in return. All of that will have an impact on a team that is trying to get better now. The bookies have their odds up for Atlanta making the playoffs, but these may be changing depending on the Jones situation.

I’m not so sure that Smith and the Falcons have done enough to address their needs in the short-term, and this is even more so if Jones is indeed shipped out. The barometer for this team will come in Week 2 when they face the Buccaneers, but I think it could be a tough season for this group. I expect more wins than last season, but not a ton. 6 or 7 wins looks likely for this group.

Given all that is going on and what the new coaches have to work with, it is no real surprise that the Falcons are in as a longshot to win it all this season. They are currently listed at +4000 to win the Super Bowl.

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