New Orleans Saints 2021 NFL Calendar Betting Predictions

New Orleans Saints 2021 NFL Calendar Betting Predictions

Written by on May 31, 2021

The goal of every team in the NFL is to land themselves a franchise QB that will give them the best chance of winning every time he straps on the pads. In principle, it is a rather simple equation, but the reality is that finding those types of QB’s is akin to finding a needle in a haystack. There are a handful of those guys in the league right now, but we also lost one last season when Drew Brees decided to call quits on a great career. The New Orleans Saints head into this season without the guy who has been under center for years, which makes predicting their coming season a little tougher. Let’s take a closer look at what me might expect from the New Orleans Saints in 2021 so you start to plan your bets against their NFL odds.

NFL Betting – New Orleans Saints Calendar Odds & Analysis For the 2021-22 Season

The Saints in 2020

For the past few years, the Saints have been loaded from top to bottom and have made the NFC South their domain. The problem is that as good as they have been in the regular season, they have failed to deliver the goods in the playoffs. Last season followed a similar pattern in that regard, while also showing that finding a replacement for Brees may not be as straightforward as they initially thought it might be.

On the positive side of things, the Saints won another division title, going 12-4 on the season to win the NFC South. That go them into the Wild Card, where they had little problem disposing of the Chicago Bears. It all came to an end in the NFC Divisional Round, though, as they went down 30-20 to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the eventual champions.

Odds to Make the Playoffs and Win the Super Bowl

As we touched on a moment ago, the Saints have a decision to make in regards who will be under center this coming season. The heir apparent to Brees for the past few seasons has been Taysom Hill, and while he did okay in relief of Brees for a few weeks last season, there are some questions as to whether he can do it week in and week out. That is why the Saints went out and acquired the services of Jameis Winston, and why they have yet to announce a #1 for the coming season. This all suggests that they are looking at a fight for that spot in training camp. This team does still have a solid nucleus in place, but you do have to wonder what life will be like without their leader. Do the bookies think the Saints will make the playoffs? Here are their odds:

The Saints will open the season with a tough outing against the Green Bay Packers, although whether or not they will still have Aaron Rodgers remains to be seen. Still, it is a good way to measure where the Saints may be as a team this season and how their starting QB situation might play out. If the Saints are to make the playoffs, they are likely going to be in as a Wild Card, as I expect the Bucs to win the South. I think we might be looking at a 9-8 season for the Saints if one of the QB’s steps up. If not, they could fall as far as 7-10.

It’s tough to have total faith in a team that does not know who its starting QB is at this point. That is the case with the Saints, who are currently in at +2500 to win the Super Bowl.

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