NFL Super Bowl 57 Betting Analysis: 3 Important Aspects to Take Into Account

NFL Super Bowl 57 Betting Analysis: 3 Important Aspects to Take Into Account

We are now a little over a week away from Super Bowl 57, and if you guys are anything like me, you are probably already trying to figure out which way to be on the big game. One of the more basic bets available is the OVER/UNDER, but it can get a little trickier when it comes to a championship game. At this point, you very often get a pair of teams who are balanced on both sides of the football, which really could swing the pendulum either way in terms of the point total, which is currently sitting at 50 ½. The old adage suggests that defense wins championships, but will it be the offenses or defenses that shine in Super Bowl 57? It’s time to see the best alternatives for the big game you could take so you can make your bets on the Super Bowl Odds.

Should You Bet On Defense Or Offense in Super Bowl?

The Case for the Defense

In terms of the defense, both teams were quite close in their defensive PPG average, with the Eagles having the edge. The Chiefs gave up a touch over 21 PPG this season, which had them pretty much in the middle of the pack. The Eagles were right at about 20 PPG, which had them in the top 10 at 8th overall, so as you can see, not that huge of a difference.

Where we do begin to see some separation is in the playoffs, where the Eagles defense has very much risen to the occasion. They have surrendered just 14 points in their two games, although we do have to say that the 49ers were essentially down to their 4th string QB in the NFC Championship Game. Still, it’s an impressive showing by the Eagles D overall. The Chiefs have not been as good in the postseason, but they are giving up slightly fewer points than in the regular season, giving up 20 PPG in their 2 postseason games.

The Case for the Offense

If the Super Bowl were to dissolve into a shootout, both teams certainly have the weapons to get into an offensive track meet. The Chiefs had the number one offense in the league in both passing yards per game and PPG (29.2), but you do have to wonder what they will look like if Patrick Mahomes is still struggling with his ankle injury. They are down to 25 PPG in the postseason, so not a huge drop off.

The Eagles arguably have the more balanced attack of the two teams, thanks in large part to what Jalen Hurts can do through the air and on the ground. They were 3rd overall in PPG at 28.1 and have improved on that in the postseason, scoring 31 and 38 points, respectively in their two playoff outings. With the numbers that these two teams are able to put up, it would be very easy to make the case for an offensive duel.

Which Way to Go?

As it stands at the moment, I am leaning towards the defenses getting the job done. Mahomes may still be a little limited, which means the Chiefs D may well have to come up big to keep them in this game. If I were to bet right now, I would be on the UNDER.


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