Updated Win/Loss Totals Betting Analysis for the 2021 Season

Updated Win/Loss Totals Betting Analysis for the 2021 Season

The first NFL Preseason games are in the books. Oddsmakers have made adjustments to teams like the New England Patriots, Pittsburgh Steelers, and Baltimore Ravens game totals. Check out the latest win-loss predictions for every NFL team so you can continue planning your bets against the NFL Team Totals odds.  

Latest Win-Loss Predictions for Every NFL Team

2021 NFL Season

  • When: Sep. 9, 2021 – Jan. 9, 2022

AFC East

  • Buffalo Bills 11 

The Bills should go over. Their strength of schedule isn’t crazy, tied for 23rd, Josh Allen is a league MVP candidate, and the defense is great. Buffalo should easily win 12 playing 17 games. 

  • Miami Dolphins 9 

The Dolphins should win 10 games on a 17-game schedule. Unless Tua bombs, the Fins will have a decent offense. More importantly? The defense remains one of the better units in the AFC. 

  • New England Patriots 9 ½  

The Patriots have yet to decide who they’ll start at quarterback. The half-a-point is the kicker. If this were 9, we’d be tempted to go over. But the half-a-point makes doing that dangerous. Until the Patriots decide on their starting quarterback, under is the safer play. 

  • New York Jets 6 

The Jets look ready. Zach Wilson had a nice NFL debut. The defense isn’t as bad as advertised. Sometimes, a team requires a simple change of attitude to start winning games. Over is the play. 

AFC North

  • Pittsburgh Steelers 8 ½  

The temptation is to go under, but with a 17-game schedule, genius coach Mike Tomlin has a lot of room to maneuver to 9 wins. The key is the defense and offensive line. We must assume Tomlin knows what he’s doing, which means the 8 ½ is an overlay. Steelers win at least 9 games.  

  • Cincinnati Bengals 6 ½

The Bengals have the tools to win 7 games. But the offensive line must come together. We’re very surprised Cincinnati opted for wide receiver Ja’Marr Chase instead of Rashawn Slater, the Northwestern left tackle. Under is a big possibility.   

  • Baltimore Ravens 10 ½  

On paper, Baltimore looks loaded. The schedule is ridiculous and the Ravens’ rushing yards per, even though they led the league in rushing each game, fell from the 2019 average. Because there’s no chance for a push, we must go under. 

  • Cleveland Browns 10 ½  

AFC North teams have the most difficult schedules this season. The Browns have an advantage over the Ravens, Steelers, and Bengals because they will field the best rushing attack in the league. Cleveland’s defense should be much better. Over.

AFC South 

  • Tennessee Titans 9 ½  

Over for sure. The Titans’ will send a top three offense onto the field. The defense must get better to beat the Chiefs or Bills for the AFC crown. That should happen because Tennessee signed Bud Dupree to play outside linebacker. The Titans win at least 10 games. 

  • Jacksonville Jagaurs 6 ½  

Trevor Lawrence played okay in his first preseason game. The problem? He got sacked twice. That’s a bad sign. We’re going under.

  • Houston Texans 4 

There’s a good chance the Texans can’t trade Watson and he doesn’t play during the regular season. So we must go under. 

  • Indianapolis Colts 9 

Carson Wentz might be ready to start Week 1. Even if he isn’t, in NFL Preseason Week 1, Jacob Eason showed he can play football in this league. We like the over. 

AFC West

  • Kansas City Chiefs 12 ½  

This one’s tough. The schedule isn’t difficult, but it’s not easy, either. The defense is just okay while Patrick Mahomes plays behind a new offensive line. The real key is whether Orlando Brown can be as effective as a left tackle as he was playing on the right side for the Baltimore Ravens. 12 ½ is a ton of games. We’re leaning under. 

  • Las Vegas Raiders 7 

Eventually, Jon Gruden’s coaching mastery will lead to a winning record. It should happen this season. Over.  

  • Denver Broncos 8 ½

8 ½ games for a team that’s around +2000 to win the Super Bowl? It doesn’t make sense, does it? Denver will send the best secondary in the NFL to the gridiron. Not only that, but the Broncos boast a couple of starting quarterbacks in Teddy Bridgewater and Drew Lock. Over for sure.   

  • Los Angeles Chargers 9 ½  

Can the Chargers win 10 games? Yes. Will they win at least 10 games? Yes. Over. 

NFC East

  • Dallas Cowboys 9 ½  

We’re not sold on the defense, although Micah Parsons does look like a beast. Dak Prescott heads into the season off a devastating injury. Ezekiel Elliott shows wear on the tires, and Amari Cooper is injured. The Boys could implode, which is why we’re going under. 

  • New York Giants 7 

The Giants don’t seem ready to win more than 5 to 6 games. Saquon Barkley must prove he’s one-hundred percent while Daniel Jones could spin his wheels this season. We’re not sure how good the defense is. Under. 

  • Philadelphia Eagles 6 ½  

It’s impossible to go over. Joe Flacco looks done. Jalen Hurts is unproven while the defense is a mess. Too many changes means 4 to 5 wins at best. 

  • Washington Football Team 8 ½  

The WFT wins 10 to 11 games this season. Washington could win 12 if Ryan Fitzpatrick doesn’t revert to his old ways in the second half of the season. If Fitzmagic pulls a Harry Potter for all 17 games, Washington will lose no more than 5. 

NFC North 

  • Green Bay Packers  

Aaron Rodgers won’t play during the preseason. Perhaps, that’s why MyBookie has yet to set odds on Green Bay. In any case, the team looks solid enough to win at least 11 games. Even if Jordan Love ends up the starter, the Packers are good for 10 victories. 

  • Minnesota Vikings 9

The Vikings have an issue with their quarterback. Kirk Cousins doesn’t want the COVID vaccine, which means there’s a chance he contracts the delta variant, or whatever other variant develops during the season. The NFL isn’t messing around. Because there is a Week 18, the league can’t afford to play makeup games. If the Vikings have an outbreak, Minnesota will forfeit a contest or two. We’re going under.  

  • Detroit Lions 5 

5 games doesn’t seem like a lot. For Detroit, reaching 5 victories means flying over a dark, wide chasm. Under. 

  • Chicago Bears 7 ½  

The 7 ½ is an overlay number. Quarterback Justin Fields showed he’s ready to start in Week 1. Bears coach Matt Nagy doesn’t have time to mess around. If he doesn’t play Fields this season, he could end up losing his job. Chicago is solid on both sides of the ball and only required a true starting quarterback to challenge the Packers in the NFC North. If Fields is that guy, Da Bears win 10. Over. 

NFC South

  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers 11 ½  

The 29th ranked schedule in the league means the Bucs would have to implode to not win 12 games this season. Because Tampa isn’t likely to implode with Tom Brady under center, we must go over. 

  • New Orleans Saints 9 

Can New Orleans win 10 games? Yes, it’s a real possibility. Each team plays 17 games this season. Sean Payton can coach the still talented Saints to 10 wins no matter if Taysom Hill, Jameis Winston, or Ian Book is their quarterback. 

  • Atlanta Falcons 7 ½  

The Falcons won 4 games last season. So this is a tall ask. But the ATL lost 8-of-12 games by 5 points or less. Also, losing Julio Jones isn’t great, but Calvin Ridley was Matt Ryan’s favorite target in 2020. Finally, Kyle Pitts will open the offense and the defense can’t be worse. We’re going over. 

  • Carolina Panthers 7 ½  

Sam Darnold should excel with the Panthers. He’s got the best pass-catching running back in the NFL in a healthy Christian McCaffrey, Dan Arnold is a decent tight-end, and Robby Anderson and DJ Moore will surprise at the wide receiver positions. Like always the defense should be solid. Carolina can upset the Saints and Buccaneers and win the NFC South. So, yes, we’re backing over. 

NFC West

  • Los Angeles Rams 10 ½  

We can’t see the Rams losing 7, which means over is the play. The defense is solid while Matthew Stafford is a major upgrade over Jared Goff. 

  • Seattle Seahawks 9 ½ 

Seattle’s defense is sort of a mess. Not only that, but the schedule is much more difficult this season than last season. So, we’ll go under. 

  • Arizona Cardinals 8 ½  

The odds on Arizona make them an overlay. The Cardinals should laugh at the 8 ½. DeAndre Hopkins, Kyler Murray, two solid running backs in Chase Edmonds and James Conner, and a defense that will start JJ Watt and Malcolm Butler makes the Cards a serious contender to win the division. Over. 

  • San Francisco 49ers 10 

In our first win-loss blog, we wrote the 49ers were going over. Now we’re not so sure. San Francisco should win 10 to 11 games. But we’re asking a team that won 6 games to almost double their win total from the previous season. Not only that, Jimmy Garoppolo can’t get hurt and if he does, Trey Lance must step in and take charge. Also, the Niners’ defense didn’t exactly dominate in 2020. So in a division with Kyler Murray, Russell Wilson, and Matthew Stafford, 11 wins is asking a lot. Under.

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