NHL 2022 Stanley Cup Betting Predictions Possible Matchups For the 2022 Title

NHL 2022 Stanley Cup Betting Predictions: Possible Matchups For the 2022 Title

We are still in the opening round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, with just one team clinching a spot in the 2nd round at this point. The Colorado Avalanche are the team moving on and living up to their billing as the favorite to win it all. The rest of the first-round series are all hanging in the balance, with several of them knotted up at 2-2 and basically down to a best of 3. It has been great fun to watch, and while it is tough to figure out who is moving on, we thought it might be fun to look at some potential Stanley Cup Final matchups. I know the one I’d like to see, but let’s look at a few possibilities so you can plan your bets against the Stanley Cup Odds.

Possible Stanley Cup Matchups That Fans Will Be Excited About | NHL Betting

Colorado Avalanche Vs Florida Panthers

There are some fans who like to keep it simple and hope for the best two teams in each conference to meet in the Stanley Cup Final. If that was to happen, then we would see the Colorado Avalanche and the Florida Panthers meet up in a series that would almost certainly deliver a ton of offense. The Avalanche are doing their part to make this happen, as they swept the Nashville Predators in Round 1. The Panthers are all tied up at 2-2 with the Washington Capitals, so they have some work to do.

Calgary Flames Vs Toronto Maple Leafs

As someone who spent 17 years living in Canada, and specifically in Calgary, I am biased on a couple of different fronts. I would love to see the Flames go to the final and win it all, but it would be cooler still to see an all-Canadian Stanley Cup Final. The Flames won the Pacific Division and were a big favorite heading into the postseason, but they are currently tied 2-2 with the Dallas Stars. The Maple Leafs are also tied at 2-2 in their series with the 2-time defending champion Tampa Bay Lightning. While this would be a fun final, there is no guarantee that either of these two will survive the opening round.

Edmonton Oilers Vs Carolina Hurricanes

If we are going to stick with hoping for a Canadian team in the final, then let’s roll with the Edmonton Oilers. It would be great to see the best player in the game, Connor McDavid, flaunt his skills to a large viewing audience, and you would have to say that the Hurricanes would be a great opponent for the Oilers. Both of these teams know how to play great offense, so we would probably be looking at a Stanley Cup Final that would be about as explosive as it gets.

Colorado Avalanche Vs Tampa Bay Lightning

Love them or hate them, there is something exciting about watching a team go for a threepeat, which is where we are at with the Tampa Bay Lightning. While some fans would like to see someone new get to the Stanley Cup Final, there would be something fitting about seeing the defending champions lose to a worthy successor. In this case, you have to say that the Colorado Avalanche look to be that team. I think this would be a fantastic final and perhaps the most appealing of the bunch.

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