2020 Tokyo Olympics: Betting Guide for Skateboarding & Sport Climbing

2020 Tokyo Olympics: Betting Guide for Skateboarding & Sport Climbing

For the first time in Olympics history, the games will include sport climbing and skateboarding. Both events should produce some of the most competitive contests at the 2020 Tokyo Games. Check out more information on Olympic Skateboarding and Olympic Sport Climbing as well as the participants on which Olympic handicappers should keep an eye. Let’s get right to it so you can bet against their Olympics Betting odds.

Skateboarding & Sport Climbing Betting Guide for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

2020 Olympic Games

  • When: Friday, July 23 – Monday, August 9
  • Where: Tokyo, Japan

How will Olympic Sport Climbing competitions work?

Although officially called Olympic Sport Climbing, the events are basic rock climbing. So if you have ever seen a rock climbing wall, you know exactly what Sport Climbing is.

Scoring will take place for three disciplines: Olympic Lead Climbing, Olympic Bouldering, and  Olympic Speed Climbing. All climbers will perform in isolation. 

In Lead Climbing, the athlete that reached the highest hold on the wall gets the top ranking. Bouldering is more difficult to explain. The event requires solving as many climbing problems as possible within a time frame. 

Topping a boulder problem means reaching the top hold. Climbers must grab the top hold with both hands and maintain control.

Speed climbing is scurrying up a 15 meter wall as fast as possible. As we might expect, speed climbing is based on time. The faster climbers gets up the wall, the better.

Who are the Sport Climbing participants Olympic handicappers should consider backing?

The favorite is the Czech Republic’s Adam Ondra. The 28-year-old started climbing at age 6. Ondra will be tough to beat. The U.S. hopes 17-year-old Colin Duffy gives Ondra all he can handle. 

On the women’s side, Slovenia’s Janja Garnbret is a six-time World Championship gold medalist. Great Britain’s Shauna Coxsey looks like her toughest competition.

Two women Americans should perform well. 25-year-old Kyra Condie and 20-year-old Brooke Raboutou have a ton of experience. Raboutou started climbing when she was a kid. Condie started climbing in her teens.    

How will Olympic Skateboarding competitions work?

For the Olympics, Japan built a custom skateboarding park near Tokyo Bay. 40 men and 40 women will compete in two event categories, Street and Park.

Street events happen on a straight, street-like course with curbs, benches, walls, handrails, and stairs. Park events happen on a hollowed out course with plenty of curves. 

Park events take place at a traditional skating park while street events happen as if competitors were skating through a city.    

Who are the Skateboarding participants Olympic handicappers should consider backing?

The United States has a solid team. Legend Shaun White, Jagger Eaton, and Nyjah Houston all have a shot at gold.

But the Japanese side is also strong. Aori Nishimura, Yuto Horigome, Kisa Nakamura, and Ayumu Hirano can all medal. 

One interesting note? England is sending 10-year-old Sky Brown. Although Brown lives in Japan and grew up in the host nation, she’ll represent England at the games.  

Brown won Dancing With the Star Junior and is a world champion surfer. She’s got a legitimate shot to grab a medal at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. 


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