2020 Tokyo Olympics: Men's and Women's Handball Betting Guide

2020 Tokyo Olympics: Men’s and Women’s Handball Betting Guide

The 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics will feature a plethora of sporting events for us to watch and bet on. While some sports at the Olympics are widely recognizable and followed by all countries in the world, there are a few that are popular only in few countries.

One of the sports that fall into the latter category is Handball, which has not gained much traction outside of Europe and northern parts of Africa. That, however, certainly has its advantages since bookmakers are – like most of the world’s population – fairly unfamiliar with the sport.

In today’s betting guide, we take a look at Handball at the Olympics and provide you with all the tips and tricks to help you with your betting endeavor. Here is all you need to know about Handball betting, with all the information you’ll ever need to place smart bets on Olympics Betting Odds.

2020 Tokyo Olympics – Handball Odds – How to bet and win

2020 Tokyo Olympics Handball

  • When: July 24 – August 8
  • Where: Yoyogi National Gymnasium in Tokyo, Japan

Olympics Handball Betting Odds – Men

Olympics Handball Betting Odds – Women

Information is King

With more popular sports such as football, soccer, and basketball, there’s plenty of information available online. For example, you’ll easily spot whether a player is injured, if a team is in financial issues, or whether there are any disagreements between the players and coaches.

All that is very useful when picking out the best bet; however, if the information is easily accessible for you, so it is for everyone else. This serves as a double-edged sword since odds will quickly shift after the news are made public, effectively removing any value a bet would offer to you.

Things change with less popular sports, where team news are not as publicly available. Still, several avenues offer you access to that information – namely, social media and forums.

Having access to both will give you a significant edge over other punters, who might be late to find out a particular player is injured or anything else that might help/harm the team’s chance of success.

Getting your hands on the information before it gets put in a newspaper will offer you an excellent opportunity to find value in betting odds, and approaching your betting this way will guarantee you success in the long run.

Defense Wins Games

The famous Alex Ferguson’s quite “Attack wins you games, defense wins you titles” can be used in almost all team sports, but it’s far more evident in Handball. The best teams in the world have exceptional defenses, and even those teams who aren’t as successful put a lot of work into making their backline as sturdy as possible.

Many international matches between two nations are often very close, which primarily has to do with teams putting a lot more thought into defending their goal than scoring. That’s a crucial piece of information for those betting on handicaps.

Even at the Olympic games, there will be games where one team is significantly better than the other; however, that rarely means that the final score will be far apart. It’s often advisable to look for high plus handicaps.

Most of the time, the favored teams like to loosen up as they look to get ahead early, which leaves serious openings in the defensive lines. Therefore, the weaker teams have a much better chance of scoring than they would against an equally matched team.

However, the tip of betting on plus handicaps shouldn’t be followed blindly since you won’t always find value in betting on them. Having said that, it’s definitely worth keeping it in mind and take a shot with the outsider with a goal handicap when the opportunity arises.


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