Athletic Bilbao Vs Barcelona 2021 Copa Del Rey Final Analysis

Athletic Bilbao Vs Barcelona 2021 Copa Del Rey Final Analysis

Written by on March 11, 2021

On Saturday, April 17, Barcelona battles rival Athletic Bilbao in the 2021 Copa Del Rey Final. So far this soccer season, Barcelona has had its ups and downs. Does Lionel Messi and his mates have what it takes to beat Bilbao and win the Copa Del Rey? Check out an early preview of this year’s Copa Del Rey Final so you can get all set to make your bets and cash in against their Copa Del Rey odds.

2021 Copa Del Rey Final: Athletic Bilbao Vs Barcelona Betting Preview

Copa Del Rey Final: Will Barcelona Have What it Takes to Win?

  • When: Saturday, April 17
  • Where: Estadio Olímpico de la Cartuja, Seville, Spain

What are the expected odds when Barcelona faces Bilbao on April 17?

No matter any way we cut it, Barcelona should offer underlay odds on both the moneyline and the handicap. Barca may be a -1 ½ chalk at -109 or so. 

On the moneyline, Athletic Bilbao will be an overlay. AB’s odds should be north of +300 odds. If Bilbao is in bad form leading up to the match, they’ll be a +400 or more underdog. 

The only way Barcelona doesn’t offer favorite’s odds is if Messi gets hurt before April 17. If Lionel plays, Barca is the underlay and Athletic Bilbao is the overlay. 

What advantages does Barca have over Athletic Bilbao?

Any team with Lionel Messi, and it’s Barcelona unless Argentina plays, almost always has an edge. How big of an edge depends on who Barca plays. In this case, it’s a massive edge.

But Messi isn’t the only reason to like Barcelona. Barca’s defense has come to life. This season, Barcelona has never had trouble kicking the ball into the net. The defense has been the issue.

But ever since the embarrassing 1-4 loss to PSG in the first leg of their Champions League aggregate, Barca has played lockdown D. In the 6 matches since the loss, Barcelona has outscored their opponents a combined 12-2.

On March 10, Barca held Paris Saint-Germain to a single goal in a 1-1 draw. It wasn’t enough for Barcelona to beat PSG on the aggregate, but it did show how much Barcelona’s defense has improved. 

Does Bilbao have any advantages against Barcelona?

Athletic Bilbao may have a mental advantage over Barcelona. Bilbao is supposed to fail. They were supposed to fail in in the Supercopa, though, and look what happened there?

AB steps it up against their best competition. Atletico Madrid beat Bilbao 2-1 on March 10, but Bilbao played tough. Bilbao has yet to lose to Barcelona by more than a goal.

If Barcelona isn’t in their best form leading up to this match, they could second guess themselves on the pitch. Athletic Bilbao is a free playing, no stress team. AB will take advantage of Barca if they aren’t mentally prepared.  

Early 2021 Copa Del Rey Final pick

A lot can happen in a month. It’s too early to make a final pick. But based on what we’ve seen from these two teams, if MyBookie sets odds, there are a couple of different plays.

Barcelona is the better play on the moneyline. If Barca must give up a goal or more, Athletic Bilbao is the play on the handicap. 

These are our early picks. Check back the week of the match. We’ll post a final pick that week. 

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