Bundesliga Odds Update for the 2022-23 Season Restart

Bundesliga Odds Update for the 2022-23 Season Restart

Bundesliga leader Bayern Munich is -4000 to win an eleventh straight German League title. Because Bayern is such a heavy favorite, and because it’s going to be tough to beat Munich, this blog will concentrate on picking winners without Bayern. Check out Bundesliga Odds without Bayern as well as picks.

Bundesliga Updated Betting Odds and Prediction Without Bayern

2022-2023 Bundesliga Season

  • When: Aug. 5, 2022 – May 27, 2022

Updated Bundesliga Odds

  • RB Leipzig +187
  • SC Freiburg +250
  • Borussia Dortmund +300
  • Eintracht Frankfurt +700
  • Union Berlin +900
  • Borussia Monchengladbach +6600
  • Bayer Leverkusen +6600
  • VfL Wolfsburg +8000
  • Werder Bremen +10000
  • TSG Hoffenheim +12000
  • FSV Mainz +20000

2021-2022 Bundesliga Recap

The 2021-2022 Bundesliga Season ended the way many believed it might before the first kick. Bayern Munich dusted Dortmund by 8 points, 77 to 69.

Third place went to Bayer Leverkusen and RB Leipzig finished fourth. Fifth went to Union Berlin. Freiburg finished sixth. 

Bundesliga Picks Without Bayern 

  • Top Pick: RB Leipzig +187

Heading into the Bundesliga restart, Leipzig is in third place overall and second-place without Bayern, 2 points behind Freiburg. 

The reason to like RBL over Freiburg is because Leipzig headed to the break on a 6-match winning streak. One of the victories was a fantastic 3-0 Champions League match against Real Madrid.

Any team that can beat the defending CL titlists is good enough to win the Bundesliga. If Bayern doesn’t scare you, consider backing Leipzig at +2700, which are their odds if we include Munich.  

  • Second Pick: Eintracht Frankfurt +700

The 2021 Europa League winners had a slow start to the season. But since the slow beginning, Frankfurt has really picked it up. 

Before the break, Eintracht had won seven with a draw and a couple of losses, to Tottenham and Dortmund, in their last ten. Frankfurt has beaten Sporting CP in a Champions League match and Gladbach in a Bundesliga contest before the hiatus. 

For sure, Frankfurt can step it up enough to win the Bundesliga. This is especially true if you back Frankfurt without Bayern. 

  • Third Pick: SC Freiburg +250

Freiburg has a shot but the second choice based on odds offers too low of a number to put on top. +250 makes Freiburg difficult to back. The roster isn’t as good as Leipzig’s and Freiburg isn’t a Champions League knockout stage participant like Frankfurt.

Going back to the roster, Freiburg’s top player is likely Japanese start Ritsu Doan. Leipzig boasts Spain’s Dani Olmo, Senegal’s Abdou Diallo, Germany star Timo Werner, and Portugal’s Andre Silva.

Diallo, Olmo, Werner, and Silva are the reasons Leipzig is the play to win the Bundesliga without Bayern. 

  • Top Underdog Play: Bayer Leverkusen +6600

Leverkusen shows 18 points. So the top underdog’s march to the Bundesliga title, even without Bayern, will be long and difficult to accomplish.

But Kusen headed into the break on a 5-match winning streak. One of the victories, 5-0 over Union Berlin, impressed big time. 

Bayer has no shot if we include Munich. But without Bayern, who knows? Freiburg, Frankfurt, and Leipzig have had long losing streaks in past seasons. If it happens at the right time, maybe, just maybe, Leverkusen makes up the difference on RBL, Freiburg, and Frankfurt. 


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